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China's new C919 uses American avionics and engines, so it must have separate versions for separate foreign customers

Oct 15, 2017
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For example, the version sold to Russia can only use Russian engines and avionics, while the version sold to Africa or Latin America for example can only use Chinese engines and avionics. Sort of like Su-30 which has customized avionics for different countries. Su-30MKK for China, Su-30MKI for India, Su-30MKM for Malaysia, Su-30SM for Russia and so on. Chinese avionics for C919 is probably have to be the ones used in J-20 fighter jet which are fully domestic because since 1989 Tian An Men the West imposed arms embargo on China.

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In the next 20 years, Chinese airlines will need at least 10344 large aircraft with 150 seats or more, worth at least 1.4 trillion US dollars. The Chinese market is enough to cultivate the C919 into a giant. We can wait until it is strong enough before going to other countries.


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