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China Civil Aviation, AVIC (MA600) & COMAC (ARJ21/C919/C929)

China signed bilateral airworthiness agreements with 27 countries. Meaning no need European or US's FAA certification for C919, ARJ-21, Y-12F, MA-60, MA-600 and MA-700 to fly in these countries.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has a list of countries that have signed Bilateral Airworthiness Agreements (BAA) with China. The list includes 27 countries as of 2022. Here are the countries:
  1. Australia
  2. Austria
  3. Brazil
  4. Canada
  5. Chile
  6. Egypt
  7. France
  8. Germany
  9. Hungary
  10. India
  11. Indonesia
  12. Italy
  13. Japan
  14. Malaysia
  15. Mexico
  16. New Zealand
  17. Pakistan
  18. Peru
  19. Poland
  20. Romania
  21. Singapore
  22. South Africa
  23. South Korea
  24. Spain
  25. Thailand
  26. Turkey
  27. United Kingdom
A major milestone. A few small hiccups, but seems to have gone well, according to the following video.

Waiting to see a Chinese engine powered version of the C-919; the next milestone.

Once that is done, then waiting for an all Chinese parts version of the C-919 would be major major breakthrough.

It won’t be long before parts get cutoff, especially if the following is true.

They have already sanctioned Comac in 2021,but did not cut off the components supply.

Sanctions are essentially manipulative threats, not dictum to restrict sales.

If they can't sell anything, how will they make money?

Aircraft and the engines powering them are major sales items to Asia, where air travel is booming.

China also has large assembly plants for A320 and B737 in China.

Air travel in China needs 500~600 new aircraft every year - and double the number of course of engines.

These are expensive items to buy and also to maintain using parts, which the US sells.
How soon till a fully indigenous C-919 will be operational for commercial flight?
Most components are made in China under JVs, so if there is a full sanction, the foreign partner will sell their share else there is normally a local supplier providing those. I would say 10 years to be fully independent but it also depends when do3s US do a full sanction.
C919 and ARJ21

Via @航空物语 from Weibo
How soon till a fully indigenous C-919 will be operational for commercial flight?
probably 10 years away. recertification of new parts will take time. however, domestic suppliers now have a platform to develop for and that's the important factor.

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