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Chief of the Air Staff Desk.

The individual at 0:35 to the left of the TuAF Chief should be made the next PAF chief to realize all the programs in doldrum. @Bilal Khan (Quwa) @PanzerKiel
Good to see the PAF basically acknowledge and pursue the KAAN. Of the high-risk options, it's the most sensible one (versus making an Ace Combat original anime unicorn fighter at home).
The Chief of the General Staff, Saudi Armed Forces General Fayyadh Al-Ruwaili met with Chief of the Air Staff Pakistan Air Force ACM Zaheer Ahmed Baber at AHQ.

Please watch the latest episode of WSK. Leaked from within the PAF. Many of us thought he was not deserving to of the office, and now it's in the open.
Theirs another angle to it n that is that the acm has been roasting hafiz sb on every occasion when ever hafiz or his cronies have tried to bring politics into any joint sitting of the armed forces.

So the way things are now adays in Pakistan where a huge psyops campaign in being run on steriods.....against any one in their way.

I have my doubts about it all
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