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Via @四川地产界高层-军事画匠 from Weibo
The J-20 flew to the side of the B-1B, scaring the American pilots? This point, the J-20 can really do it!

Recently, the most discussed in military circles is the fact that the J-20 flew to the side of the B-1B strategic bomber and shocked the B-1B pilots. Of course, this matter has not been officially confirmed by the People’s Liberation Army or the US military. , but netizens speculated based on some relevant information.

The general content of the call recording is: During the flight, the U.S. B-1B pilot found an aircraft within visual distance, and then requested to lower the flight altitude, but the J-20 was not mentioned in the call. According to the B-1B flight route map, two US B-1B strategic bombers first passed through the sky over Japan from the direction of the Aleutian Islands, then entered South Korea through the Sea of Japan, and then entered the northeast side of my country's East China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone. the Pacific Ocean

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Sounds like BS.

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