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Capabilities of PAF Dassault MIRAGE-III/V.

Should Pakistan upgrade its Mirages to South African Cheetah standard if not Beyond?

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Pakistan Air Force will retire its Mirage 3/5 ground strike aircrafts within this decade.

5 combat squadrons are active in PAF ...

🔸No. 7 Squadron"Bandits"
🔸No. 8 Squadron "Haiders"
🔸No. 25 Squadron"Eagles"
🔸No. 27 Squadron"Zarrars"
🔸No. 50 Squadron"Saf Shikan"

And looks like Indonesia has bought the 12 Qatari Mirage 2000-5s and will retire the Hawks. These should compliment the incoming Rafales very well while the FK-21 will perhaps be the long term replacement for both the F-16s and Mirages. @Indos

Not sure if it was reported on the forum anywhere but good for TNI-AU

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