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Canadian teacher tells Muslim kids who skip LGBTQ Pride events, "You aren't Canadian" and "You don't belong here".

Ultimately I believe that everyone should live in their own countries. That’s what makes me so angry about how the bloody generals have f**ked up Pakistan.

The price to pay for moving to morally bankrupt countries is that you risk losing your kids. Children who go to school here pick up traits that are incompatible with Islamic values. They become disrespectful to parents, get introduced to alcohol, drugs, sexual immorality, etc. I’ve heard that 20% of kids leave Islam altogether.

Unfortunately, it’s too late for people like me whose kids were born and raised abroad. Even if Pakistan became a great country I can’t move back. But for those still living there it would be better to fix the country and stay there rather than move elsewhere.

The West has rule of law and economic prosperity, but the moral degeneracy is getting intolerable.

Let's face it. The whisky-sipping degenerate generals are in my opinion far worse than libtards in Western nations.
Well stupid people exist everywhere.

In my opinion the West is becoming "Anti-Religion."

Canada is supposed to be an inclusive and welcoming country.

If you ask me LGBT is stupid.

"A person chooses to be gay" and you are not born gay.
they are so many people, men specially (a nj gov comes to mind) have had kids and later on came out as gay. if you were born with it, something would not stand up for work at the needed time. that be genetic.

what it probably is, that you normalize behavior it becomes acceptable. Sh Hamza Yusuf, a white convert, said it in one of his lectures that in the 60s/70s if a girl (or person with a v and a u :P) became pregnant she would leave to "take care of her grand parents" and come back later after delivery and adoption. and now there is a large number (if not majority) of out of wedlock births.

We as men are also commanded to lower our gaze, waiting for my flights in airports, looking at muscle magazines; thought crossed my mind, I wish I had a body like these guys. Does somewhere in the brain that appreciation becomes sexual attraction? Minds are complicated. I dont envy people with same sex attraction, its a tough trial. I have attraction for having a tesla, rivian, merc and bmw in my garage. Doesnt mean that I smash show rooms and drive off. If you make smashing show rooms the norm and not abnormal behavior, you will get a lot more car enthusiasts doing that, those who dont do it today.
Let's face it. The whisky-sipping degenerate generals are in my opinion far worse than libtards in Western nations.

exactly, no matter how you see this transformation in the US

US is still the most innovative/productive country in the world with the strongest military

so unless embracing gay impacts US's economic/technological/military bottom, it might just be irrelevant noise


it's really the young people that propels a country forward and they don't seem hindered one bit by gay

i've always thought the US pushes all this human rights stuff on the rest of the world to distract them knowing fighting over unachievable social/political standards means getting left behind economically. Hence all the color revolutions.

Meanwhile US still focuses on capitalism, free enterprise, science, etc...
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What i find surprising is that no one mentions WHY!!? sexual liberty and promisciousness has been on the rise, or rather been allowed to rise, the past 50 years.

The real reason is MONEY! and PROFIT!
Single individuals CONSUME more as an individual than he/she would if they were in traditional relationships. That means consume of more houses, cars, furnitures, leisure, entertainment and so on.

The homosexual is the ultimate consumer for coorporation. They usually travel more, buy more consumer goods,…. materialistic.. which is good for economy and thus revenue collection of the STATE.

BUT here is the major issue. All that growth is relatively SHORT LIVED, because these policies ultimately lead to DECLINING BIRTHS!! and further declining overall population which means shrinking GDP in the long run.
LGBTQ is the new religion of the Western world. Grooming young kids into their cult is part of the policy in western schools. If you're a religious person you probably shouldn't send your children to public schools or maybe move to a Muslims country. Although it is kind of hypocritical for the West trying to impose trans and other mental illness brainwashing on Muslim countries too. We saw their media lose their shit when Qatar refused to bow down to white liberals and their LGQBTQWEFSH cult.
Ok, groomer. Most Islamic countries are filled to the brim with closet homosexuals and degenerates, you know what you all refer to as "faggots".

I wanted to avoid posting this stuff, but I've been provoked to do so. These are the kind of high moral values that backward Muslims are supposed to embrace. Don't watch if you're easily offended. And there are worse examples than these, with almost naked perverts with little kids.

Good God, how low they go.
Remember if you miss out on such events you are bigoted.
I mean
is she wrong? - if Canadian at large believe LGBTQ+ is part of their values
you better obey or get out, its their lands, their rules

we wont like foreigners coming to Pakistan and disrespecting our values? , would we?

Even if they don't , we have seen Sialkot lynching

The teacher may have not framed here message correctly,but what she meant is it is min courtesy to extend the same courtesy to others when they did for you
Most Canadian public schools have prayer rooms for Muslims, they adjust timings /leave/absence during the month of Ramadan and whole school celebrates come together to celebrate festivals of all faith
It is just showing mutual respect
by attending LGGBTQ events or extending support does not mean you are forced to become one of those..

when you don't help others,you should not expect the same from others
1) it’s not part of Canadian culture
2) Canada belongs to First Nations indigenous people so European should gtfo with their lgbtq as well
3) Canadian involvement in the invasion and bombardment of many Muslims countries means Muslims can live in Canada however they want since Canada supported their homelands getting destroyed
4) even if it was Canadian culture we still wouldn’t leave nor accept it. We would fight back. The world belongs to Allah and everything is Allah’s land. If Canada turned against its citizens and oppressed them and forced them to be lgbtq we would fight and liberate Canada from such cancerous ideologies. We Muslims know what Allah did to the people of Lut A.S. because of their homosexuality. We can never accept lgbtq and will continue to fight against such filth.

apna mulk sanbhal nahi raha,

barra aya canada ko liberate kerwanay
Why dont they speak out against rampant child abuse and sexual degeneracy in Islamic countries? why is this "bravery" only limited to the infidels of the West?

Well they live in America and their tax dollars go to these schools. So they do have a right to raise their voice on whatever they seem is objectionable.
Well they live in America and their tax dollars go to these schools. So they do have a right to raise their voice on whatever they seem is objectionable.
I just find it hypocritical how they harp on about religious freedom in foreign nations, when there is none of that in our own countries. I am born and bred in Montgomery County Maryland (where the protest is taking place), this place is a ultra-liberal hotbed filled with folks who view the "oppressed" Muslims as allies against evil White conservatives and what not, it will be funny to see their reactions when their own allies they stood for are now railing against LGBTQ and introducing sexuality to school children which they have been trying hard to push.
They move to Canada, but teach their kids to despise their values and everything they stand for. Brainwashing starts at a very young age for some of these folk, then some wonder why Muslims (especially ones from Pakistan) are some of the most backwards groups throughout Canada. Just look at the posts from "educated" folks who live in the West yet constantly bash their values.

I disagree. I think upper class Pakistanis are some of the most successful groups in Canada. The lower income ones are indeed commonly a problem, even if they are the majority.

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