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Canada has Indian diplomats' communications in bombshell murder probe

RSS terrorism aside, if the guy that was killed was seen as a state threat one can understand the assassination. Allot of the time opposition leaders sit in western capitals protected organising and executing mayhem in their native countries with zero accountability all under the noses of their hosts turning blind eyes. I don't really know if this guy was trouble causing or was innocent but I cam understand when a genuine threat is taken out.
If the west lets this slide then this will give the green light for other countries to do the same with their dissidents.
If the west lets this slide
No one is expecting or asking for any favours. Once conclusive proof is available, legal action would be taken as per the law. Till then people hoping for nuclear bombing of India, based on JT’s allegation can keep quite.
If there is no proof, the West would give a solid kick to JT, for hijacking their goodwill, for his agenda and gaining power.
Freedom of speech. Minorities are free to discuss the merits of an independant homeland.

It is perfectly fine even as long as those terrorists do not indulge in terrorist activities in India...Think rationally, no one really cares what is being going on in Canada...Khalistan can be made in Canada or in Antarctica. But if these groups support and indulge in financing and supporting terrorists in India, then it is a problem...If Canada thinks their citizen life is important, then the same way India believes its citizens are equally important too...
Yeah, whatever float their boat. As of now it's only "Trust me bro" kind of intel input. Let Canada share the intel with India for probe or submit it to the UN. Basis Canadian Pappu's responses so far, they would have taken concrete measures to embarrass the GoI by submitting these "so called proofs" to all major allies and UN.

These rabid dogs that they harbour today will become a menace for them in the future. Some countries will learn from their mistakes while others goes down under; and their countrymen will pay the price.

You do know this communication was provided to Canda by a Five Eyes member country right?

"The intelligence did not come solely from Canada. Some was provided by an unnamed ally in the Five Eyes intelligence alliance."
My Analysis of Canada and India Situation.

Let’s say what Justin Trudeau alleged is 100% true, India did this. I am taking the worst-case scenario for my analysis from India’s perspective.


India has been reaching out to them for decades asking them to help extradite terrorists involved in terrorist incidents in India. Canada has done precious little to respond to Genuine concerns from India. Trudeau's father Pierre Trudeau refused to extradite the secessionist and a terrorist who killed 329 civilians in the 1985, Air India Kanishka bombing. In recent times, the Khalistan referendum and attack on the Indian consulate by Khalistan elements grew. Canada did precious little to help again.

*Plausible outcomes from the current situation.*

*Outcome 1)* Canada with or without the alias, puts enough pressure on India to accept the blame and turn the intelligence person in, or act in India.

Probability: - *Almost None*.

*Factors. *

- India is required by almost all the Western powers, they are already on bad terms with Russia, China, and Saudi Arabia, and Africa is beginning to last out at them. India is one country with a decent world presence that is working with them. They will not want to spoil this relationship.

- Even if they put India on sanctions *(assuming the worst step is taken) * it will survive easily, but West will lose a good partner.

*So net-net, this is not happening.*

*Outcome 1) * Canada even after their PM taking the fight cannot get India to do what they set out to do. Worst, they could not put any cost of India not doing what it wants to do.

Already listed in my analysis above, why this will be the most likely outcome.

It will be to the Khalistan people what happened to Kashmir militants after 370 was removed, they got to know Pakistan cannot do shit. So, while the Khalistan are happy right now, they will soon realize the reality in a few weeks at best. After that, the message will be, that we are not safe in Canada also, if we jump too much.

*Additionally, Canada, the UK, and the US all will understand if they continue to let this fester, it can impact their relationship in the future if not now. So the US, UK, and Canada will be putting some controls around these groups and make sure their freedom of expression stays within limits.*
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No its all for a Politician, who is losing his importance and is most likely going to lose elections.
Ya i know but at what cost, India? West's only hope in Asia perhaps! Why cant the canadians ask these terrorist khalistani ppl, if they are canadian why the hell they are interested in Indian matters?
Ya i know but at what cost, India? West's only hope in Asia perhaps! Why cant the canadians ask these terrorist khalistani ppl, if they are canadian why the hell they are interested in Indian matters?
They aren't, JT wants to stay in power. Yes India is the cost, then so be it.

Canada is anyways meaningless, so it doesn't matter if there is a ugly spat with a Asian country (when it comes to US and UK and Australian interests vis a vis trade and China). Depends on how far we go with this. For him it doesn't matter, as long as it gets him what he wants.

He has now ratings much less than Opposition leader, and has been heavily criticized for hiding Chinese Intervention details. There is a enquiry to start, and he will have to appear there. So this over correction helps to give him a card. See am not that bad kind

Canadian inflation is at its highest, and economy stuttering is another problem for him. Anything to divert helps right?

So its dependent on India, to hound this little bitch to give us the so called proof. Our MEA spokesperson called Canada a safe haven for terrorists and similar lot. I feel this will not stop here, cause if it does Modi will look like an Idiot. GOI has to pursue this till the end

These bitches have played safe for too long

Edit: We also need to note on few things

Its now clear that some News agency was going to actually run this news, about GOI being involved. JT asked them time, and made the announcement first. This is Canadian channels reporting, not Indian ones.

Now there are news coming in, quoting credible sources and who is posting it? CBC its like BBC , Canadian official news source. Which so many are jumping about here. Its like Doordarshan or ISPR coming out and saying, trust me bro we got all the facts lol.

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