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BSF shoots youth entering Bangladesh


Dec 31, 2010
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BSF shoots youth entering Bangladesh​

Staff Correspondent . Sylhet | Published: 01:30, Jan 15,2023


A Bangladeshi youth received bullet injury from the Indian Border Security Force that trespassed on the Bangladesh territory along Tahirpur upazila in Sunamganj on Friday afternoon.

The victim is Delwar Hossain, 27, son of Rashid Miah of Burungachhara village near Tekerghat outpost of Border Guard Bangladesh at Tahirpur upazila, the BGB said.

According to local residents, a BSF patrol team beat up an elderly woman of the Burungachhara village on Friday afternoon when the latter went to a well located at the rear of the village alongside the border to take a bath.

With the news spread, villagers rushed to the spot and protested at the BSF act of beating the woman after entering the Bangladesh territory.

At that moment the BSF members chased the villagers and opened fire at them, leaving one Delwar injured, local people said.

Contacted, BGB 28 Sunamganj Battalion commandant Lieutenant Colonel Md Mahbubur Rahman confirmed New Age of the incident.

He said that they met in a battalion-level flag meeting on Saturday afternoon with their Indian counterpart and formerly protested at the incident.

‘In the meeting, we told the BSF authorities to be more cautious about the border rules, and not to commit such act in future,’ Mahbubur said.
He added that the victim, who sustained the bullet injury, was given proper treatment.
Ok, this is not acceptable from Hasina and BAL.

BD should maintain some tens of thousands of fully armed border guards and they should have shoot to kill orders if any of these BSF scum fire on BD'shis within its territory or cross into BD.
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BSF shoots youth entering Bangladesh
Who cares if the BSF shoots and kills millions? Hasina Bibi's only passion is only to please India to get re-elected again in a voteless midnight election, and for India to recognize it.
Could have been trying jump the fence into India too. BSF has no way to know if its an economic migrant or a smuggler or a terrorist.

Most welcome but please come legally, guys, for your own safety's sake.

Hasina pulling the ol' yaoface !



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