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Biden wants Pakistan to "do more" in Afghanistan

because Pakistan and Afghanistan are not at war with each other
There is sadly no such thing as Afghanistan. It really doesnt matter even if whole UN members claim that there is such an entity, if it de-facto doesnt exist. You would go to Kabul and would make agreements with people in suit there; those agreements have no value if they wont be executed and applied in real life.

Afghanistan is bunch of different organisations with foreign supports, where some of those groups actually attack Pakistan borders, or smuggle illegal stuff. Making agreements with Kabul then hoping that things will hopefully go well for Pakistani interests is a theory that we foolishly tried in Turkey, costed thousands of lives from both civilians and military in last decade, then we stopped hoping things and started changing things on the ground to create de-facto realities for others to swallow.

Whichever path Pakistan choses, i hope she will be a lot more luckier than Turkey, we didnt have any luck so had to create our own luck.
Watch from 8:53
His speech reminded me what I wrote yesterday.

They will give us a castrated version of the F-35 while India will get an F-36 or something to keep the balance of power intact. It will also cause problems with China.
I don't want it anymore though. I love the J-10 but the PAF doesn't want it :(
What would pakistani friends think about the idea of a pak-army buffer zone deep into afghanistan, would that serve the security interests of pakistan?

That would aggravate the security situation. Both sides must learn to respect each other's boundaries.
Banned our 8 F-16s
blocked our AH-1Zs

release our coalition support money

If the above list is provided, still Pakistan will not permit the USA to create havoc in Afghanistan and Pakistan. It's time we finally see peace in the region.
What makes this senile old fool think Pakistan would listen to him after several high profile snubs.
This man in his 100 days of office has managed to bring his country to the brink of war with Russia, is making plans to face China, has more or less ended the relationship with Turkey, ignores Pakistan, is leaving Afghanistan, has shut off Central Asia to the US (see Russia) and so on.
This has to be the worst state I have ever seen US foreign policy in, and that's saying something.
From Reagan to this! Trump WILL come back storming in 2024.

You are right Waz, Biden's foreign policies is far more dangerous than Trump. Biden's relationships with most countries is getting worse.
Pak is indeed doing more, and this “more” will be getting exponentially “morer” with each passing day.....
American Foreign Policy will stay the same and it has, this is nothing different from Trump. He wanted to leave Afghanistan and Biden is doing the same, Turkey is still in NATO last i checked so when they ain't then i'll believe their relationship has 'ended'. What brink of war are you referring to? US has backed out all the time in defending Ukraine and left it to its own devices and is bound to do the same given the language and actions currently seen. Also same thing in regards to China, Trump to Biden i haven't seen much change i'll be honest other than delaying the eventual pullouts from Europe and Afghanistan and shifting towards China.

Nope there's a difference. When Trump first spoke of the pullout the democrats said it would be a mistake, because of public perception they have been forced to stay the course the previous president chartered.

You need to look at just what has been happening with Turkey, them being in NATO is just symbolic now. They've been sanctioned, NATO members are actively working against Turkish interests the chief of those being France, and that to with the present US's administration's blessing.

With the Ukraine situation there's also change. Biden is a known Russian hater, a relic of the cold war years and has placed backing their government against Russia as a major foreign policy pledge. NATO has already reaffirmed it's unwavering support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and the Ukrainian FM now directly briefs NATO now.

This is why Russia is very edgy, there's a military build up and why Putin and Biden had a rather unpleasant exchange directly on the phone. Trump actually had respect for Putin, which bought him much stick.

China I'll agree with but it's become far more prominent.
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You are right Waz, Biden's foreign policies is far more dangerous than Trump. Biden's relationships with most countries is getting worse.

Thanks bro, even the Americans on their forums are speaking about this and they're worried.

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