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Betrayal or Pragmatism? Why Madanis of Deoband Praised RSS & Modi

Btw , from the article your posted.

The official Congress narrative claims that most Indian Muslims were loyal to India, the Congress and Nehru. We have no way of knowing if this is true. It's possible that some or many felt that staying on in India was the best option if only for pragmatic or logistical reasons. In the absence of representative surveys of mass opinion, we are not in a position to make any assertions about those who could not vote.

One one side , she assumed majority muslims didn't support muslim league . On the other hand , she is not sure. What do you want to say Lady ?

Here are few facts

1) Only (minuscule) rich Muslims of the subcontinent were eligible to vote for the Partition of British India or not

2) Nehru was a socialist. Nehru always had a plan for land reforms i.e take away lands from landlords and distribute them to the farmers who till the land. This scared hell out of all Muslim Land owners who decided to create and migrate to Pakistan

3) A portion of the people who could not vote and/or did not migrate to Pakistan may wanted to migrate but they were too poor and/or uneducated/unaware of that option.

The first line.
Click the word "some" after the word lately.

Ahh got it. But that is not the moot point.

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