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Bangladesh War Crimes Tribunal Sentences 3 to Death Over 1971 Atrocities

An agreement was made for no persecutions but the Bangladeshis are a treacherous lot and break their promises.

No agreement was made for that though many of us (including me) believe that Shimla agreement was made to spare the lives of 195 Pakistani war criminals in military. Bangladesh wanted to prosecute them but Pakistan promised to do it itself though it did nothing.

Nothing can save those chamchas Pakistan left behind to die like dogs. The last thing we need from a Pakistani is talking about treachery when his country can't keep it's own promise as "Muslim" to prosecute 195 Pakistani war criminals and repatriate the cute Bhiari puppies it ditched in the Geneva slums in BD.

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I feel like these trials don't burden the BD-Pak relationship as extensively as they used to do. Just a couple of years ago, things looked very different.
The reason for that is Bangladesh's diplomatic power increased a lot in the last few years due to economic growth. Opposite happened in pakistan for political and economical turmoil. That's why Pakistan doesn't talk too much these days compared to before. And this situation will only get better for Bangladesh in the future if current trend follows.
That would be the case of course. Bangladesh's official name is "People's Republic of Bangladesh", Socialist style, and as ever the USA government will want the mullahs to be dominant so as to replace a progressive, Socialism-inspired leadership and get into power to be its slaves in the fight of USA government against Communism and Socialism especially arising out of Muslim-majority societies.

Islamic fundamentalism is America’s auxiliary force against leftist ideology.

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