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Bangladesh accuses Pakistan of falsification about exhibition at UN on genocide

For once the truth should come out. UN backed investigation into the whole event.
the point not to be missed is that Pakistan claimed the exhibition was taken down at their request and BD seems to be refuting that. What actually happened?
Bengalis should move on
Pak army is ready for similar genocide again in 2023
What a mature and dignified response by the Pakistani delegation.

Bangladesh is now coming across as that kid who only talks about that one time he got kicked in the playground years ago. Still playing the victim to get any sort of concession.
What is the end game here?
Do they want money from Pakistan? They will never get any.
Do they want Pakistan destroyed? India has been trying for 70 years.
Do they want to project their domestic politics to the world stage? Well.. they will just look like children.. which they are.

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