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Ban this term "Faujeet" here

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Faujeet will here to stay for maby decades to come . try to live with it now
Most of these people come from dysfunctional families and hence the easy road to abuse culture.

The same people who coined the term Daalkhor, came up with Faujeets(Ranjit reference) to further agenda of the Punjabi army.
The only thing that matters - Pakistan & Election

Focus on Elections folks Focus on Elections

  • Demand Elections
  • Demand action from Supreme Court
  • Ask for your right to Vote
  • Ask for Protection of your Vote
  • Ask for Internatinal Observers at Election
  • Ask for Video surveillance of polling stations

Remain Awake
MIlitary is actively abducting , torturing and killing its own citizens. Its not even hiding it.

In Bajwas interview with shahid maitla he said yeah someone in the military/ISI might have gotten pissed at absar alam and decided to kill him. Do you know how ridicolous that sounds?

The tamasha here is cunning and never ending.

Ridiculing soldiers have become a norm, right on this forum.

Please ban the usage of this highly disgusting term on this forum, used by PTI guys to ridicule army officers and soldiers.

The fact that this term "Faujeet" has its roots in (we all know it is derived from word "Pajeets" a word reserved for Indians)

Anyone who dares to share his opinion, criticise on IK - other than PTI guys - immediately get labelled, name called and what not bullshit terms.

I firmly believe Army/soldiers are not happy with the overall situation as well - just like any other commoner walking down the streets isn't.

Trying to cause mutiny in Armed forces, name calling them and shaming them with ridiculous terms won't do anyone good. It's a dirty game and should be stopped immediately.

IK needs to stop attacking Army.

He tried to act over smart and got boot right up his ***.

Yes, he is better than rest of the politicians BUT he is not the end of the world.

Army DOES NOT belong to politicians.

Gen Munir and his commanders won't bow down to ANY POLITICIAN - be it Khan, Maryam or Bilawal.

Khan cannot be pampered all the time.

Army can't do it even if she wants. Khan should stop crying. Too much trouble since he got ousted.

Better Khan understands it and not try to shove his decisions down on our throats like a Royalty......

I urge the moderators to ban this term which is highly offensive and derogatory towards our servicemen.

Now, I would be called names and I know PTI crowd would jump on me :)
These words have been earned by establishment. Their actions over past 75 years have earned them all the anger and hate they are receiving. Stop blaming others
IK needs to stop attacking Army.
Army DOES NOT belong to politicians.

Gen Munir and his commanders won't bow down to ANY POLITICIAN - be it Khan, Maryam or Bilawal.
Exactly the mindset bringing the Pakistani state to its knees 2ND TIME.

Even if ik govt comes with majority and he doesn’t fix const. for army Generals and alike and doesn’t cleanup top tier of ISI from army servicemen, things will keep going on the same
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plz dont insult my islamic dollar ki faujeeti they work hard for that paper.
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