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'Azerbaijan Army's counter-terrorism operations in Karabakh' drone festival

Armenians did extreme the entire Muslim population of Russian Armenia as Muslims were considered Inferior to the Armenians by the prominent Dashnak leaders
Mikhail Kaprilian. Armenians Revolutionary leader , Yerevan 1919
There are 400k Armenians from Turkey, who escaped the Ottomans in Caucasus
Armenian republic minister Hatisov , wrote to Reuf Bay ,1918 Trabzon conference. Later Hovasian raised it to 500k.
Since all able bodied man were in the army.ot was easy for the Armenians to began, horrible slaughter of Muslims in those areas. They....simply cleaned out the Muslims from there. They performed the gruesome deeds, of which I , as an eye witness, honestly say that they were far worse than what Turks were accused of in regards of Armenians
General Bonsart von Schellendorf , book " Witness for Talat Pasha , Deutche Algemeine zeitung , 24 July 1921.
Literally Tzeghagron means " To make one's religion out of race". Patterned after Nazi Youth, it was also called Racial Patriots. Najdeh wrote " Racial Religion believes in his racial blood as deity..." April 10h 1936 Najdeh wrote in Heirenik Weekly " Today Germany and Italy are strong, because they live and breath their races".
From Racial Patriots, Armenian Youth Federation was formed
John Rey Carlson aka Arto Derunian " Armenians Displaced Person" Armenian Affairs 1949 50 , page 19 , Cairo.
Mr Greek as I asked you before, do you want another 100 quotes from Armenians and the Westerns.

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