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Awesome! Chinese evacuees got car fixed by Sudan rebel soldiers and posed with their machine gun!

Man, it's even wilder than the "Wolf Warriors" series.
A group of Chinese, divided into three vehicles, withdrew from the Sudanese theater. All you can see along the way are traces of war, and you can see burned vehicles on the side of the road from time to time.

On the way they had a car with a flat tire. At this time, a group of armed men passed by, and after a brief exchange, they learned that this group belonged to the Sudan Rapid Support Forces, the so-called "rebels".

Unexpectedly, this group of "rebels" not only helped them repair their cars and replace tires by themselves, but also interacted enthusiastically with them while waiting for the new tires to be delivered, and even allowed the Chinese to take pictures with their machine guns in their arms, saying that they liked it Chinese.

When fleeing in a hurry, this encounter, not to mention a miracle, is considered a rare encounter. "Wolf Warrior" was still filmed conservatively.

In a foreign country, on a long journey home, strangers, strangers meet each other, why should people treat you well? The reason can only be:

There is a strong and friendly motherland behind us!
Source: https://user.guancha.cn/main/content?id=987484&s=fwzxhfbt

These guys must have the times of their lives.
They even let the Chinese have the machine gun loaded with bullets.

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