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Hindus are now losing their shit because Mohammed siraj took the wickets 不不不
Nobody is
Look at the comments 不不不
Mohammed siraj took 6 wickets anywhere else it would be "well done man" but India you have this 50-50 of hindus going mental that a Muslim from a poor back go got the wickets and is taking the plaudits
Thats like 50-50 of Pakistanis bestowing the title of fake Muslim on Siraj for taking wickets for India.
Hindus are now losing their shit because Mohammed siraj took the wickets 不不不
Yaha par bhi ghused diya na ****
kaha se aate hai aise

Siraj's ODI bowling average is under 20. What a start to his ODI career!

Great performance by India to win the 8th title. There'll be another home series with Australia followed by the World Cup. Everyone will forget Asia Cup, World Cup should be the next target
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Why should hindus wear skull caps and visits majars?

Ask that clown who thinks Siraj is pasmanda

So much of knowledge?
Give a little of it to Babar and the bunch (should have been called a team) brawling in public.

While trying to take advantage of neighbours issues, kahin khud ka ghar jal ke khaq na ho jaye?

What brawling in public?
Will it be any different from what has been unsuccessfully tried over 76 Years?

Your doing the job for us, the Hindu poison you are spreading is the best weapon we have

The dude you hindus were targeting now won you the match and all the poison you hindus spread now comes back

A few more years, if we can hurt the Indian economy I reckon you will no longer be able to cover the underlying mass hatred amongst indians
Ask that clown who thinks Siraj is pasmanda
I don't know who this Sinha chap is, but I think that tweet is sarcasm directed at Muslims who claim that they are pasmandas, or Hindus who support that claim. He is obviously trying to say that Siraj being in the Indian team negates all accusations of India being communal and anti-Muslim.

I know that tweet is borderline chutyapa. The win was a happy occasion and there was no need for point scoring. But I don't think it was targeted at Siraj personally.
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