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ARY Digitial Youtube Channel hacked

Perhaps the Indian or Israeli hackers helped their new found allies in the establishment/PDM
I only really made an account to respond to this thread (and also read the thoughts of this community). I am non-military. I'm Indian (atheist) 'hindu'. I live in America, and watch often Mere HumSafar on Ary with my mom. Many of my relatives love this show. I know that there are many many Indians who are fans. It is very disgusting and sad to see entities try to poison even the most modest forms of cultural exchange between India & Pakistan. So much manipulation of people who have no real reason to hate each other.
Even here in America, while I know many fellow Indians who actively fantasize about India-Pakistan friendship, I also know many more broken-brained Hindutva bhakts who'll even refuse to listen to Sufi music because the associate it with Pakistan. AAAHHHHHHH
What did you expect? The most popular content is the one that incites enmity. Those who promote hatred will persecute those who try to restore peace.

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