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Bro don't take offence, but that's literally a curse on the majority of Pakistanis.

How many common men in all Asia, harm their nations everyday with petty corruption, bribery and tax evasion
Allah does justice and rewards equally good or less punishment or spare. So, at least if people abstain from theft, corruption, etc, then it is all good
This palace, whose ruins you are seeing in the picture, used to be a very beautiful and very large palace three hundred years ago.

But as soon as the owner of the palace died, no one tried to settle in the palace after that.

People hated this palace so much, and it was such that even after three hundred years, the hatred has not diminished, but people have started to express it even more intensely.

For example, when a person passes by this palace, he spits on it even today.

Even some people exhibit so extremism in hate that regular shoes are thrown at its walls.

This is the first building in human history to be hated and it is also the historical record that no building has ever been given such a hateful name.

The government of this country has officially named it the "Traitor Palace".

It may not be so big for you that a government in a country can give such a name due to prejudice or hatred.

But it will be a surprise to you that even the largest world organization UNESCO has named it the traitor palace.

This building can neither be used nor demolished nor its name can be changed.
Guess from this how unfortunate that person was that his hatred has become a part of history.

Billions and billions of people have passed in this world till today who are hated for their crimes and sins but history has never remembered anyone with such hatred that even his household name in the name of hatred Changed that the person had committed treason.

The way history has remembered it proves that treason is a sin and crime that the world will never forgive.

It is very funny that this traitorous man betrayed his nation and country for whom the same people declared him the biggest traitor in history named his palace the palace of traitors that man was "Mir Jaffar" and he This palace is located in Murshidabad in West Bengal, India.

Traitors commit treason, but history does not forgive them, they are made a sign of lesson.

The army can be banned from doing business. When China's military budget is insufficient,  the PLA be allowed to do business. The army has a huge amount of good land and convenience.

This has led to massive corruption, which has left the army soulless and corrupt for profit.

Egypt has been defeated by Israel and has been defeated repeatedly, and I think the fundamental reason is that Egypt allows its military to do business
This "Pak" Army has destroyed our country. Madar chood saray paisay kha kar logoan ko Islam aur jahalat par laga rakha. Now look at India and look at us.

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