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Are Women being abused in Jails by Punjab Police? Rana Sana Ullah Press Conference raises fears!

punjabi are slave minded cucks, this ideology has been ingrained in our physic for thousands of years. We have always been ruled by outsiders....We got Pakistan on a silver platter by efforts by Quaid and urdu speakers.
Panjabis sacrificed the most for Pakistan. It was our land which was partitioned. It was us who had to fight against our former neighbours for survival. It was us who suffered millions of deaths and had millions of our women raped because we choose Pakistan.
Panjab had the most STATE sponsored massacres before Pakistan was made specifically targeting Panjabi Muslims. Many Muslim majority Panjabi areas liek Gurdaspur were given to india and Muslims had to leave everything behind and come Pakistan.

1947 was NOT partition of India. It was only partition of Panjab and Bengal.

Bengal’s partition was much more peaceful in comparison to Punjab’s partition.

punjabi are slave minded cucks, this ideology has been ingrained in our physic for thousands of years.
Panjabis have resisted against invaders and enemies of Islam for centuries. Panjabi clans were always putting resistance every to Muslim empires ruling over them. You’re just ignorant about history.
You see why there isn’t Sindh like feudalism in Panjab anymore? Because the people fought against it.
Even after Pakistan’s formation many Panjabis tried resisting oppressive policies but were labelled terrorists and killed by state.

The biggest cancer and hurdle to any resistance is stupid jahil awam being quick to label anyone exposing the oppressive elite as terrorists.

Panjabis are 100 million + in numbers. We have sellout slaves and we have mujahids. That’s like every other ethnicity. Panjabis being almost half of Pakistan just seem like they have more. But if you look at it as percentage of these retards vs overall Panjabi population you see the percentage is very small. It’s in fact smaller than many other ethnicities.
Remember People if Khan and PTI win this and don't go after these Dogs. Its up to us to force them. No one must be spared.
Punjab police has bad reputation since decades.if you don't use Abusive language, & torture , then you can't call it Punjab police. Harassment of woman , illegal custody & torture is increased
80% of it is probably PTI propoganda
You are harping Rana sand propaganda. Shame.
How PTI got access to jailed women, to rape them?

It's the same situation as Black slave women or Aboriginal women were abducted then raped to break their spirits and make them psychological wreck, so that they don't speak up.
PMLN doing same with women supporting PTI.

IK should start freedom war. The time freedom struggle is over.
For those PMLN munshi's flooding the forum feigning ignorance... This woman was one of your own party:

This is the state of PMLN... Imagine the state of Punjab Police (Gangsters in uniforms).
This Entire Thread is a Charge sheet against PMLN and our Establishment who keeps protecting these Savages recently we had a Bloch Sardar Abdul Rehman Khetran who raped and killed an entire family and our establishment saved his *** from the people of Mari tribe who were out for his blood and would have lynched him.
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