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Amazing Cosmic Images

There are a few on Disney Plus like Orville, Ahsoka, Andor, Mandalorian, Boba fett, Obi-wan Kenobi and waiting for the much advertised Acolyte.
I can't sleep if I don't watch something Sci-fi lol.

Same here. I have to finish almost all of the Sci-fi-s as soon as it is available. Sometimes I miss office also if it becomes too interesting. I watch even the dubbed Chinese or Latin American ones, unless it is really dumb.

Unfortunately here in Bahrain, I don't get Disney plus legally and I'm too lazy to access it in laptop through VPN. I like to watch sci-fi in big screen only. I'll give it a go through VPN though as there are few other genre in Disney plus are also there that I want to watch.

And I'm almost 50 years old. :p:
Incredible photo shows Saturn peeking out from behind the Moon.

International Space Station passing in front of the Sun 149.6 million kilometers apart.

Using the NASA/ESA/CSA James Webb Space Telescope’s spectacular sensitivity, scientists captured an exceptionally bright explosion called a kilonova. The event is thought to have been caused by two neutron stars merging with each other.
Kilonovas are extremely rare and are thought to only last a few seconds, making it very difficult to observe them.

Photo taken by NASA of a space shuttle leaving our atmosphere

The Pillars of Creation in M16 Eagle Nebula by Hubble & Webb telescopes.

NASA just released this image of 'Hand of GOD' or 'Cosmic Hand' . That's a neutron star in the center.

The moon, Jupiter and 4 of its 60+ Moons. Credit: Juerg Alean

2 trillion Galaxies in the Observable Universe. 3,000 Planetary Nebulae in the Observable Milky Way
Northern polar crater on Mars, captured by Mars Express Orbiter

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope captures four exoplanets orbiting an alien star in a single system

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope Reveals Intense Jet Stream in Jupiter's Atmosphere

Sharpest moon picture ever!
This is what the surface of an asteroid looks like The Japanese automatic space station managed to land on the surface of the Ryugu asteroid in July 2019 and transmit a photo to Earth.

What Mars looks like from one of its moons

Flying under the south pole of Jupiter, taken by NASA's Juno spacecraft
Moon Captured by an Apollo 12 astronaut Most likely, this photo was taken by Richard F. Gordon, the pilot of the command module.

NASA telescopes just discovered a record-breaking Black Hole. It is more than 31 billion light years away from Earth.

Incredible: Mimas' MountainShadows cast across Mimas' defining feature, Herschel Crater, revealing the size of its towering walls and central peak.The crater stretches 86 miles wide which is almost one-third of the diameter of Mimas itself! (Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SSI)

An incredibly detailed image of Mars

Crescent Nebula within the Cygnus constellation

Latest images from Mars. Captured by Perseverance rover
Cyclones at Jupiter’s North Pole

James Webb Space Telescope has already changed so much, imagine the scope of human knowledge of the Universe in next few decades.

Butterfly Nebula captured by Hubble Space Telescope
First ever image of another multi-planet solar system captured by ESO Telescope

Japan’s iSpace HAKUTO-R lander captured this stunning photo in orbit around our Moon while a solar eclipse was occurring on Earth last week. You can see the Moon’s dark shadow passing above Australia as a dark smudge.

We are the first human beings to see a Mars sunset. It’s quite a thought

Incredibly breathtaking photo of Saturn with Auroras captured by the Hubble Space Telescope

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