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Absolutely NOT to absolutely YES. Pakistan supplying weapons to Ukraine

Azad_ Kashmiri

Oct 2, 2021
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
This is why Imran Khan, a patriotic, was removed. No backlash for India who has stayed neutral. Our generals sold out own their Prime Minister for dollars and bend their backsides for their masters. @FOOLS_NIGHTMARE @muhammadhafeezmalik namak haramis

I see nothing wrong with selling weapons in exchange for money. Who denies sales that benefit your economy?
But are the sales benefitting the economy? Or are the sales benefitting the pockets of a few military personnel?

Also, why would you sell a billion dollars worth of weapons in exchange for a $3 billion loan? Shouldn't it be a $2 billion loan, with Pakistan receiving a billion in cash for weapon sales?

Where is this money that Pakistan should have earned on the SBP or Govt balance statements? If the money isn't transparently showing up here, some terrible corruption might be happening.

Also, Pakistan has lost $7 billions worth of exports and remittances removing Khan. Was it worth the paltry amounts received, that too a loan?
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From what i understand, IMF required ability to show Pakistan could finance the loan through its own holdings and assurances from international partners. This sale was "advised" by US to close the gap needed between what China, UAE, and KSA were willing to finance and the remainder that Pakistan needed to have in order to secure the loan. The US then also through its political weight to allow the deal to close. Could it have done so without the deal? Probably. IMF does whatever the US wants typically. BUT such is the problem of being beggars. Losing control over ones own destiny.

all lies..... according to Pak army controlled caretakers..
US and Ukraine also dont acknowledge the sale but a US congressman had all but confirmed it. And there are numerous posts online showing Pakistan made ordinance. And frankly, im ok with the sale for one simple reason (beyond the finance)... UKRAINE has been one of the few countries always willing to deal with Pakistan on defense front. Have PA tanks use Ukrainian engines.
It's good that we supplied weapons to Ukraine.
Azerbaijan is also using our KRL 122mm Yarmook Rockets.
Hope these earnings are invested for further development of our rocket artillery
Ukraine & Azerbaijan should order Fatah-1 Rockets also that will be a real punch 👊

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