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6 security personnel martyred in attack on Hungarian-owned oil site in Hangu

Sounds like Have Pakistanis "left" supporting the Armed Forces now?

Very sad, as People here are happy, ridiculing them openly now for being targetted.
3 things.

The establishment brought this on themselves.

The Pakistani people, are unable to differentiate between army and establishment, despite Imran Khan giving a message wrt the above.

Liberals now pretend to support Imran Khan to boost their anti army stance, despite them being anti army prior Imran Khan's ouster (and some liberals even hating Imran Khan during his tenure lol) (cough cough neelo cough cough)
Phela afsoos hota tha abb hansi atti ha, bachara Marta humesha poor bastard gareeb ka bacha he ha, Genraal to apna banglows main whiskey enjoy ker raha hon ga.

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