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  1. RashidKhanTheLegend

    Pakistan Army's New FIR against Imran khan

    First and foremost is that PTI supporters did 9 may waqiya... Worst thing is insulting ones martyrs... Colonel sher khan's memorial was damaged .. how low can PTI go..
  2. RashidKhanTheLegend

    Why do Indians support Israel's genocide of Palestine?

    Sirje you should prepare for a black vigo and one major software update...
  3. RashidKhanTheLegend

    Matter of weeks/days before this site is closed permanently.

    But will Imran Khan himself be able to stand After 5-6 months of software update...?? Wheelchair se kya hi kar lenge..
  4. RashidKhanTheLegend

    Imran khan wife Bushra bibi under attack in front of Adiala jail

    For once we will see what kind of peerni she is . Lets see if she can ruhanically save herself from Jahangeer tareens goons..
  5. RashidKhanTheLegend

    Iphone turns out to be Muslim. Andhbhakt is angry

    You don't know our sly Baniya mentality yet.. We can say ashhadu alla ilaha illallah wa ashhadu anna muhammadarrasulullah for getting UAE golden pass... But we will still worship idols..
  6. RashidKhanTheLegend

    Thoughts with the At least 40 Indian workers trapped in tunnel collapse.

    Economies are built on dead bodies of soldiers and labourers... Karakorum highway had a death rate of 1 worker per km(as far as my memory serves me right).. soo many perished for a highway... Soo many perished under coal mines.. So that some of us can fart via keyboards..
  7. RashidKhanTheLegend

    ICC Men's Cricket World Cup

    Phull sapport vala nahi (according to our neighbours) sirji.. Apna khud ka.. Waise to apna phull sapport hai hi. Jadeja as mentor Amul as sponsor Home ground in Noida BCCI as daddy
  8. RashidKhanTheLegend

    ICC Men's Cricket World Cup

    49-4.. Afghanistan you beauty... !! Afghanistan is really a very resilient team one must say..almost nil native crowd support..no state support.. but still going strong..
  9. RashidKhanTheLegend

    Tank: Gul Imam Police station attack repulsed

    Exactly the point.. Armed forces across the globe are a blunt tool.. US in iraq Afg... USSR in afg..USa in vietnam..india in Kashmir... Pak army in balochistan You will need precise tools to do such a work.. Mix of capitalist forces.. some PR.. some soft moves..not armed forces territory for sure
  10. RashidKhanTheLegend

    Rare public joy sweeps Kabul after World Cup win over Pakistan

    Its not about cricket world cup.. Its about the resilience of Afghan public .. Bangladesh got test status still for 3-4 decades its playing tatti.. Compare that to Afghan cricket team
  11. RashidKhanTheLegend

    On March 24 1971 - Pakistan Army arrested Sheikh Mujeeb & humiliated him

    Kyun itna mental gymnastics.. We dont need anybody.. Declare LoC as IB and fence all the bloody border... Please.. for Gods sake 🙏 ....
  12. RashidKhanTheLegend

    On March 24 1971 - Pakistan Army arrested Sheikh Mujeeb & humiliated him

    Jinnah also grieved for his bungalow in Bombay and wished to retain it in case he wants to live in it. But why would he want a bungalow in a country of Street shitters and Cow dung eaters ?? Why
  13. RashidKhanTheLegend

    India crushed pakistan In Asian games hockey

    Cow piss and cow dung jokes incoming.. 3..2..1.... COPE !
  14. RashidKhanTheLegend

    Pakistan: At least 50 killed, dozens injured in Mastung blast

    Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiooon.. For all those who have lost their lives in this mindless stuff... May almighty grant shifaa to all injured and sabr to whose qareebi have passed or injured
  15. RashidKhanTheLegend

    Imran Riaz Khan

    Imran riaz bach gaya. GHQ showed some rehem Else Arshad Sharif jaisa thoka jata.. Khair hai.. happy hes back.. But now he will also be silenced..
  16. RashidKhanTheLegend

    Islamabad: The City Pakistan Built for its Social Elite

    Please do not bring Islam in between..its against forum rules.. Many are following Hadith and Sunnat of Nabi e kareem SAW.. Malaysia Turkey Arabs, still turning out fine. Its the absence of a peoples nizaam..
  17. RashidKhanTheLegend

    Pakistan says Taliban forces building 'unlawful' structure in border dispute

    Pak Army be feeling like Majnu bhai in Welcome 2.. Majnu bhai: ab ye barsaati mendhak bhi tarr tarr karenge kya .
  18. RashidKhanTheLegend

    ALERT: TTP claims it captured Chitrali villages

    Do you know WHY the worst part happened?? Because the Left politics in Pakistan was suppressed heavily.. Thats why pak has Waderas ruling over feudal fiefdoms

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