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  1. Wergeland

    Brazil vs Argentina: Football fans exchange blows in India

    I thought only Bangladeshis has this stupid Brajjil AjjentinA fetish. But indians seems equally deluded.
  2. Wergeland

    Saudi Arabias horrible treatment of migrant workers!

    Have 3000 years of horrible hindu casteism helped indians? Going by Slumdog Millionaire... probably not Saudi Arabian employees are forcing no one to work in their country? In fact there are millions of workers who are lining up for a chance to earn a decent living in Saudi Arabia.
  3. Wergeland

    Scotland Is Still Divided on Independence: 49% VS 51%

    What is wrong with the Scots? Dont want independence. Thats embarassing.
  4. Wergeland

    In Bangladesh, the Argentina-Brazil soccer rivalry is a curious ‘frenzy’

    Frankly neither Argentinians or Brazilians give a dam* about Bangladeshis, Which makes it even more embarassing. But thats Bangladeshis, lots of emotions and less critical thinking.
  5. Wergeland

    In Bangladesh, the Argentina-Brazil soccer rivalry is a curious ‘frenzy’

    Indians have Bollywood, Bangladeshis have Argentina - Brazil rivalry.
  6. Wergeland

    Indonesia MALE UCAV program (Elang Hitam/Black Eagle) News and Update

    Great development. Resemble Turkish ANKA drone, which of course is a conplement.
  7. Wergeland


    When you boil it down, its really about 1 thing; rationalism. Western world has reorieted its identity from a christian civlization, to a rationalist civilization. This huuge change happened within no more than last 100 years. Greek Rationalism when it runs its course without being balanced by...
  8. Wergeland


    Science on itself really has no other function than to observe, describe and test hypotheses against observational data. Science never makes a moral stand, neither instruct human beings what to do, nor does it support any special agenda. Science really has no answer or guidlines for the...
  9. Wergeland

    KE first taxi tests

    I believe this is first of a kind of UAV which will render fighter pilots obsolete in the near future. By 2040 probably all state of the art fighter-striker jets will be pilotless.
  10. Wergeland

    KE first taxi tests

    Tbh i assumed this UAV was gonna be ready not before well into the late 2020s. Now, its already alive and taxing!! And we are not yet finished 2022. Lord this is astonishing to witness. I kinda believed baykar as a cutting edge and innovative corporation but this blew my mind!
  11. Wergeland

    China Civil Aviation, AVIC (MA600) & COMAC (ARJ21/C919/C929)

    The very first livery is a major milestone. Will nteresting to see if COMAC will make elongated versions wich can carry more passengers.
  12. Wergeland

    Highly Blasphemous and Islamophobic Posting by Pervert Jamahir Goes Unabated on PDF

    Only Hindutva desguised as a muslims do this. Remind me of likes of that weird Indian Waqf guy who had a similar way of speak, only to find himself convert to hinduism a year ago or so lmao:cheesy:
  13. Wergeland

    Shortage of mosques in France

    Its not that France is multifaceted society that likes of you are concerned with. Its just that you guys dont like seing colored people having same rights as whites, because for you European nations are white. You just cant say it because its a taboo. Most french do not practice any religion...
  14. Wergeland

    Is Bangladesh willing to be a part of Greater India?

    Is India willing to be a part of Greater Bangladesh?
  15. Wergeland

    Bangladesh, Singapore to sign FTA soon: Commerce minister

    Great news. BD is land with huge potential. We just need some brave Statesmen who can implement long term planned development.
  16. Wergeland

    China latest fighter engine is here, WS10TVC Thrust Vector Control turbofan engine official unveil

    11 pages and basically no talk about the Topic: Chinas new 2D vectoring nozzle.
  17. Wergeland

    Why isn't there a Muslim 'EU'/NATO?

    Because the muslim worlds lacks a dominant leader like USA, who can enforce a muslim NATO.

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