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  1. Scorpiooo

    Pakistan F-16 Discussions 2

    Let's see when F16 phobia by PAF will replace with J10s
  2. Scorpiooo

    Pakistan F-16 Discussions 2

    In past there were some rumors of Indus vipers, is it dead or still on
  3. Scorpiooo

    Pakistan-Turkey 4 Milgem Ada Class Corvettes Contract - Construction started

    Any confirmation about when will Jinnah class construction will officially started
  4. Scorpiooo

    PAF J-10C News, Updates and Discussion

    If J10C cost is less or even equal to JFT17 blk 3 then we will only limited induction of blk 3 and funds will move to further j10c in future
  5. Scorpiooo

    PAF New Batch J-10 C Spotted

    There are some info that make sense that PAF is moving form 18 jet per sqr to 15 jet but no such 12 jet per sqr shared
  6. Scorpiooo

    Pakistan - Turkey (PAC-TAI) Collaboration for NGFA-TFX 5th Gen Aircraft l Updates, News & Discussion

    Hope that in actual we become part of this project officially.. not only on Twitter
  7. Scorpiooo

    Featured Project Azm: Pakistan's Ambitious Quest to Develop 5th Generation Military Technologies.

    In future they can go with combo of both, to keep east and west combo and even have medium and heavy 5th gen by adoption of both in limited numbers This adoption of 5th gen from china or turkey will in decade or above in term as project azm , so brother be optimistic for economic situation at...
  8. Scorpiooo

    Z-10 ME/P deliveries to begin from 2023

    No interest officially shown by Army in Z19 till now
  9. Scorpiooo

    Pakistan Air Force Transport

    No funds allocation in this area by PAF , its low priority area for PAF
  10. Scorpiooo

    PAF J-10C News, Updates and Discussion

    Really? What kind off
  11. Scorpiooo

    PAF J-10C News, Updates and Discussion

    PAF is already engage with TAI, so PAF requirements will also limited in numbers
  12. Scorpiooo

    PAF J-10C News, Updates and Discussion

    Possible, bcuz TFX is heavy fighter and PAf do need light 5th fighter too in future or can get J35 PAF variant From Russia AL 41 have more chances then Al 31, why Turkish will go for old one when new is already in use by russia
  13. Scorpiooo

    PAF J-10C News, Updates and Discussion

    How many block 3 aka jft17c you see in future for PAF J10C can go to 90+ (5 sqr) or even we can get future version D of J10 if Chinese go for it... It must semi stealth version What ever the engine we most probably see TFX Pakistani variant as 5th Gen PFX in coming future
  14. Scorpiooo

    Pakistan begins talks with US for more F-16 and may be one more Oliver Hazard Class Frigate.

    Till date its seems like just smoke or just truck ki Bati
  15. Scorpiooo

    Pakistan F-16 Discussions 2

    Do they really don't know about Aesa radar capabilities on J10c or JFT17C till now.. But if really willing to give us block 70 along with AIm120D, they will be compromise indian deals Used one or really have chances for new as well ?
  16. Scorpiooo

    Featured Pakistan Navy Type 054AP Frigates - Update, News & Discussion

    Will it be enough on Jinnah?
  17. Scorpiooo

    PAF J-10C News, Updates and Discussion

    Something is different here
  18. Scorpiooo

    Pakistan F-16 Discussions 2

    What level of block ÖZGÜR upgrade from TAI will take F16s too

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