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    Export bids for JF-17 Thunder Multirole Lightweight Fighter Aircraft

    Regarding Chinese Aircraft; those that were orginally Russian Designed are likely just glorified Junk. However their Newer Indigenous designed as well as those western inspired aircrafts are quite good and likely exceeed their counterparts due to not having the production shortfalls that western...
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    India drops the periodic table, Pythagorean theorem and evolution from school textbooks

    Watching a country go Backwards in Real Time. Don't get too complacent though Evangelicals would do the same in America if they were given the chance.
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    It’s time to retire the term 'near-peer' competitor when it comes to China

    China is Truly emerging as Economic, Political and Now Military Powerhouse. Compare the now Superpower caliber China with where they were 50 years ago. Truly a Monument of How far a country can advance if one has Competent Leadership.
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    Chinas young people can’t find jobs. Xi Jinping says to “Eat Bitterness.”

    At least The Chinese Young People have the option of State-Run Employment and training programs as well as state Construction of Apartments and Housing. Here in America the government wouldn't even consider that option because it would endanger their obsession with the neoliberal welfare state...
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    China promises to greet 'jackals with shotguns' as superpower tension ramps up

    Actually Our Chinese colleagues are right on the Korean war Issue raised above, unfortunately. Mao apparently never seriously considered a Drive to Pusan and envisaged a 1 to 3 year limited attrition war leading to a hoped for peace settlement more or less along The border Status Quo ante of...
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    Iran unveils hypersonic weapon 'Fattah'

    Iranian Ballistic Missiles versus Israeli Ballistic missiles as well as the US "Tomahawk" Missiles are all show off capabilities "boutique" weapons. A real war US vs Iran would look much more like whats happening In Ukraine; An artillery war bolstered by Mobile Artillery and Missiles systems...
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    Europe must resist pressure to become ‘America’s followers,’ says Macron

    However Obama Democrats are currently in power in DC; and they are no friends of Russia and China. The GOP has had a remarkable transformation in the past 30 years from being an Anti-Russia to Pro-Russia party. The gateway to this change was likely Nixon's shift to a pro-China policy at the end...
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    China’s new world order is taking shape with Xi Jinping

    So basically what You are saying is that China wants peace with the US but that the US must accept the existence of a Japanese "debt" to China and stay east of Guam? The remaining at Guam eastwards actually has a greater chance of happening than expecting a Japanese submission. Japan would...
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    Europe must resist pressure to become ‘America’s followers,’ says Macron

    Wait Macron is trying to destroy the EU from within? what evidence exists for this interpretation? I can accept your argument that the Biden administration does not actually want to see Russia completely defeated in Ukraine and views the prospect of european rearmament as his real enemy. This is...
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    China’s new world order is taking shape with Xi Jinping

    First of all regarding warfare. The problem with the wars is that the western forces did not conduct themselves ruthless enough. As for the oil profiteering and neo-colonialism, I actually agree with you somewhat: But much of this "narcissistic" mindset is generational; the petrodollar and...
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    Donald Trump hunkers down in New York ahead of arraignment

    Trump's real crime was twofold: First he Challenged the Foreign policy and Domestic Policy blob/swamp in DC and wall street. Secondly Trump had the audacity to run for the presidency when government offices is viewed by the establishment as the purview of the Ivy league and government...
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    Iran and Saudi Arabia reportedly agree to resume diplomatic ties and re-open embassies within two months

    Only Boomers depend on those. All of Those things exists as currently constituted to prop up the Boomer's retirement. The Hegemonic state itself is not dependent on the petrodollar; However without the petrodollar the state would be forced to choose between funding the welfare state or...
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    Iran and Saudi Arabia reportedly agree to resume diplomatic ties and re-open embassies within two months

    The fall of the Petrodollar would not hurt the US that much. It would hurt the baby boomers and that is the reason the Government is fanatical about maintaining the petrodollar. The petrodollar is the key medium that allows the boomers to splurge on luxury spending as well as to fund their...
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    Grand jury indicts Donald Trump in New York, first time a former president is charged criminally

    Actually Trump would win if there was a Trump/Biden rematch and especially if Harris is the nominee running a standalone campaign. Biden has been a godawful president, and the imposition of the woke cultural revolution destroyed much of Biden's 2020 support among centrists. If there was a...
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    Ukraine's Zelensky meets Japan's Fumio Kishida and 'invited China' for peace talks

    I'm skeptical of the chances of success of this plan; however that being said: if China is able to pull this off, this will be a massive increase in China's prestige and a colossal Humiliation of the Biden Administration on the world stage.
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    US says Ukraine ceasefire would cement Russian 'conquest', A ceasefire in Ukraine would only serve to "ratify" Russia's territorial gains

    I don't think Putin minds an arms race, even one he would lose. This new cold unlike the original one is driven more by cultural ideology rather than coherent ideology like the first cold war was. Compromise was possible even as late as Trump's election in 2016. Unfortunately DC responded to...
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    USA BANK RUN PANIC as Third Bank COLLAPSES in 5 Days. Signature Bank Closed by FDIC after BANK RUN

    The problem with modern capitalism isn't capitalism in itself, as others mention China has experienced similar banking problems. However with capitalism vested interest would block any solution that actually permanently fixes the problem because doing so would hurt their profit margins.
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    Iranian Air Defense Systems

    Actually woke does not have that much organic popularity. Its an ideology propped up by boomers globalists/zionists and advocated by teachers pet and toadie types. Anti-woke is where the actual popular forces are located at; you will see this in 2024 when Trump CRUSHES Harris in the election...
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    Iranian Air Defense Systems

    There isn't going to be invasion in the near term. Millennials would militantly oppose it as long as the boomers are running the country, Iranians would be tipped off in order scuttle any invasion plans. What I'm talking about is 5 or 10 years from now when the boomers have fully aged out of...
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    US says Ukraine ceasefire would cement Russian 'conquest', A ceasefire in Ukraine would only serve to "ratify" Russia's territorial gains

    You are seeing things purely in terms of Russian sphere of influence vs US sphere of influence; this is not the case. One Putin does not have to win the war to win, because Putin is targeting a specific aspect of US policy: namely the disarmament and globalist regimes promoted by the modern...

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