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    China Telecom unveils a Huawei Mate 60 Pro with quantum security

    Huawei should introduce back their flagship phones in Pakistan. Cheaper price and good features and quality is going to be a good selling point vs Samsung and IPhones. Xiaomi has a good market share in Pakistan, selling their expensive flagship phones like 13T (Watered Down version).
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    JF-17 Block-3 -- Updates, News & Discussion

    Can we use NUMBERS instead of animal names, for naming squadrons?
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    Chinese EVs Are A Big Threat To Western Automakers Because People Can Actually Afford Them

    Their is an URGENT need of competitive priced fully electric EVs, NOT HYBRIDS, in the Pakistan market. The higher fuel costs and the mid sized Sedans costing USD 25 000 + , which are actually older globally retired models, have people wanting to go for something new and better than whatever the...
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    Army officers to take charge of Pims, Polyclinic hospitals in Islamabad

    FACE RECOGNITION ATTENDANCE MACHINES ? For signing in and signing out ?
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    Nawaz Sharif new dream - Pak-India-Bangladesh corridor

    Private sector CAN'T flourish, if the SERVANTS OF THE PEOPLE have a parallel / competing organisation / Commercial Entity, who is given FAVOURABLE TAX CONCESSIONS / Other Benefits / Privileges. A capitalist democracy CAN'T flourish if the SERVANTS OF THE PEOPLE are running a PARALLEL GREY ECONOMY.
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    Karachi Police OFFICIALLY acknowledges Karachi's population to be 30 Million. Should ECP correct its Voter's List in Karachi?

    Karachi Police being a part of the government, has acknowledged Karachi's Population to be 30 Million. Should the SERVANTS OF THE PEOPLE punish Karachi Police to verify true Population numbers in Karachi or should the Election Commission of Pakistan take notice and improve it's voter's list...
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    SHO, son among five cops abducted in Sindh

    Advertised / Non Advertised appointments are made in Sindh, for RURAL DOMICILE ONLY. NO openings for Karachi / Urban Sindh. They are then transferred / brought into Karachi for MASS CORRUPTION. DUAL NATIONAL FOREIGN CITIZEN was made DC in interior Sindh few years ago. He was then TRANSFERRED...
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    Pakistani-Americans Rising Strength in Academia

    In IT / Computer Sciences and Medical Science / Doctors, Indians Outnumber Pakistanis ....10 vs 1 ...or higher My cousin got a letter of employment from an INDIAN friend / reference / contact.....so that he could show that he is employed in the US....so that he could come to Pakistan for...
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    Finally level playing field provided to Nawaz / PMLN

    PPP and other PDM would be very HAPPY to see her on PTV being given special treatment. If something doesn't work out for PPP and other PDM members, in the future, do remember to show them this video: WELCOME BACK TO PUARANA PAKISTAN
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    Significant drop in defence budget 2023

    50 % discount on electricity bill, free air tickets, free school for children, free treatment in Hospitals, free housing, etc The number of personal hired is increasing BUT THERE IS A SIGNIFICANT DROP IN THE DEFENCE BUDGET? 97 billion for Education vs 1800 billion defence budget No wonder...
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    Nation moves closer to polls as ECP issues preliminary report on delimitation of constituencies

    Economic indicators don't look good for the next 5 years, who ever comes In the government. Very easy target for the opposition to come gather people and stage a protest. IK being left out would be more lethal and would give a bloody nose to the ruling government, exacerbating his claims of...
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    ‘90% of Beggars Arrested Abroad are Pakistanis’, Secretary Overseas

    It's very easy for a common to get Umra Visa as should be the case for all Muslims worldwide. However, this noble gesture and holy pilgrimage are taken for granted specifically those who identify as Muslims only by name. My brother was praying in front of the Holy Kaaba, about 30 - 40 feet...
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    Pakistan Army chief vows to wipe out corruption

    One of the promises made was the stoppage of smuggling of Irani Oil in Karachi. WHAT ABOUT THE REST OF THE COUNTRY? Former FBR Chairman Shabbar Zaidi said that he was approached by the HEAD OF THE SOUTHERN COMMAND to STOP his strict policies against the SMUGGLERS OF IRANI OIL. The excuse...
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    Shell Petroleum to sell stake in Pakistan

    Telenor is leaving too. Merging with Ufone.
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    Pakistan faces default risk without IMF loan: Moody's

    Pakistan has already defaulted. The announcement is only being delayed. IK, PTI ....other minor issues are Brought up to hide the UGLY TRUTH, an attempt to make the public, look the other way but for HOW LONG and too what extent? When the noise of the empty stomachs, of the poor, Starts...
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    in an exemplary gesture Papua New Guinea PM touches the feet of PM Modi,'I should take your autograph' : Joe biden

    In Pakistan, the Common Man / Public, touches the feet of the SERVANTS OF THE PEOPLE.
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    Pakistan needs to repay $3.7bn debt by June: Fitch

    In 2005: https://gulfnews.com/world/asia/pakistan/farmers-and-army-locked-in-dispute-over-ownership-of-agricultural-land-1.286407 In 2023: https://www.brecorder.com/news/40231947/corporate-farming-punjab-bor-asked-to-hand-over-45267-acres-of-state-land-to-army The SERVANTS OF THE PEOPLE have...
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    Desktop / laptop computers, printers, scanners, fax machines (if any), photo copy machines and cloud computing services including softwares, be it for a simple task, are all bugged / can be remotely hacked / have back channel doors...
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    Soan Dam is the Need of Pakistan - Now or Never

    https://www.breakinglatest.news/news/swan-dam-can-be-a-game-changer-for-pakistan/ https://www.independenturdu.com/node/135281?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook#Echobox=1682676114
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    Alert 🚨 Multiple Terror Attacks ongoing KPK

    Sudden uptick in terrorism in areas where elections are to be conducted in May 2023? Sudden appearance of religious banned Extremists on every national channel of the country, challenging a particular politician / political party, favoring elections in May 2023? You don't see thousnds of...

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