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  1. Kesang

    Pathetic Behavior by Bangladeshi Cricketers in Srilanka

    And I thought that only Bangladeshi fans are hyper emotionalist. Their captain acted on field like a child who did not get chance to bat and starts to call their team back. Typically Bangladeshi
  2. Kesang

    ICC Champions Trophy 2017 : News, Update and Discussion

    Gave 319 in 48 overs and could not last for 35 overs. And you think that your bowlers are better than us. Lol
  3. Kesang

    ICC Champions Trophy 2017 : News, Update and Discussion

    Pakistani openers started well in all three group stage matches but they collapse everytime. We shouldn't rule out England that easily
  4. Kesang

    ICC Champions Trophy 2017 : News, Update and Discussion

    I have full faith on Pakistani batsmen. They are very consistent. If rain didn't interfere during match against south Africa, Pakistani batsmen would have shown their consistency eventually.
  5. Kesang

    Maoist attack and Kashmir crisis are a failure of Ajit Doval and Ram Madhav's policies

    That would notbe a questions if you were an Indian or had little bit knowledge of India or if you were not a typical Pakistani who knows about india more than what your mullah brothers told you. If an Indian uses Pakistani flag then he/she would be banned long ago but when vice versa happens...
  6. Kesang

    Violence in Darjeeling hills: No alternative but Gorkhaland, says GJM

    It will be total waste of energy to explain the situation to people like you who never left his bed i guess. All i can that WILL last billion times longer than Pakistan....oh wait Pakistan already lost half of its country and i wonder that balochistan cover how much portion of Pakistan. Few...
  7. Kesang

    Violence in Darjeeling hills: No alternative but Gorkhaland, says GJM

    Height of stupidity. Dear haters if india, these people are asking for separate state not separate country. They don't want to be part of west bengal. It's like Karachi don't want to part of sindh( hypothetically ). We have 29 states. They want to have their own state. Do some research before...
  8. Kesang

    ICC Champions Trophy - Fantasy League

    Why do you people interested in fantasy cricket do much even it doesn't distribute any prizes? I seriously need an answer
  9. Kesang

    Aamir Khan’s Dangal becomes second most viewed film in China

    Just few years ago. 100 crore seems impossible figure but 1000 crore rupees in China alone. unbelievable https://googleweblight.com/i?u=http://www.forbes.com/sites/robcain/2017/06/05/box-office-dangal-eyes-20-billion-rupee-300-mm-mark-baahubali-slows/&grqid=USkzCbCc&hl=en-IN
  10. Kesang

    India v Pakistan at Birmingham, Jun 4, 2017

    Could not even play for 34 overs.Pakistani batsmen never disappoints.
  11. Kesang

    ICC Champions Trophy - Fantasy League

    Pakistani batsmen are very consistent in their performance
  12. Kesang

    Indian soldier’s return, can a new chapter of relations be opened...

    We return 90000 pakistanis and still they want war all them. I don't think thatitwillmake much difference
  13. Kesang

    Pakistan Vs Australia-Cricket 2016-17 Tour News and Updates.

    Pakistan batsman never disappoint. They are very consistent in their performance.
  14. Kesang

    'Pakistan has one of the biggest talent pools for MMA in the world'

    122 Indian athletes qualified for last Olympic including several boxer who manage to qualify for last 16. How many Pakistani boxer having superior genes qualified for last Olympic? How many Pakistani qualified for last Olympic anyway(not including some wild card entries)? Indian women boxer won...
  15. Kesang

    UN passes resolution on ending Israeli settlements, US abstains from vote

    This man is amazing. First ban on arctic drilling and now this. He cares humanity more than what people think about him. I wish that American could elect him one more time.
  16. Kesang

    Terror attack in christmas market in Berlin

    insignificant. Doesn't even sound true. Again, they are economic migrants. Agreed, honk kong authority should not give asylum to such people. Btw, I don't think that they will ask for sharia for everyone or going to blow themself at middle of crowded market unlike asylum seeker emigrated from...
  17. Kesang

    Modi Plunders India’s Cash. Indians Cheer.

    I am not against this move but really angry because they did not think about people suffering before doing this. They should have take nadequate measure before doing it like filling atms. And the new rs 2000 notes are basically useless for buying any basic commodities. It was hard to find the...
  18. Kesang

    Pakistan ready for unconditional talks with India. Will PM Narendra Modi accept the offer

    Modi should be careful. He shouldn't forget what Pakistan did just after vajpayee accepted invitation from sharif. Their army will never allow any peace between two countries because
  19. Kesang

    Israel may become an apartheid state

    Israel should become absolutely monarchy state like ksa or choose dictator like Syria or rule by mullas like Iran or rule by people belongs to particular sect like Iraq or by military dictatorship like most of history of Pakistan to get respect from Muslim countries.
  20. Kesang

    1965 war costs India INR45,000,000,000 USD1,000,000,000

    May be because we consider retreating is far better option than surrendering in record numbers unlike some of our neighbour?

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