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  1. Musalman

    What if India broke up??

    As long as India is a democratic country, its not going to break. However, during the current BJP regime it is becoming extremely intolerant regarding other religion and languages. So there is a high probability that more and more people will start thinking about moving away from India. In...
  2. Musalman

    Do you see Islam flourishing once the oil dependency is over?

    Islam is not equal to Arabs of the middle east any more. Muslims includes Turks, Iranian and Indonesian Malaysians. So if oil ends nothing harm will be done to Islam but yes Arabs they have a problem. But seeing what Dubai is doing and other arab countries, they are working on the plan B too.
  3. Musalman

    Maldives President Asks Indian Military To Pack It's Bags !

    Its good Maldives have asked Indian Army to leave. However, Maldives should be careful not to allow any other military to come into their country. They should remain neutral and prosper. Rather than entangled in world's dirty politics
  4. Musalman

    2 Indian Army Officers 2 Soldiers Killed in IOK

    Thanks to your Modi Ji, Indians have never been so divided and intolerant. He is proving the point Jinnah made. :-) so we are not worried Infact we are waiting. Kashmir banay ga Pakistan :-) as long is Modi and Modist are there in India, as you guys say Modi hai tu mumkin hai :-)
  5. Musalman

    An Afghan in pakistan openly declares he supports Afghanistan

    Well that is OK if these Afghans are celebrating their team victory in Pakistan against Pakistan. Its their right. I don't even mind if some Pakistani celebrate Afghan or Indian cricket victory in Pakistan. Its just a game. People have the right make Afghan, Indian, Bangladeshi players their...
  6. Musalman

    Indian police arrest a news site’s editor and administrator after raiding homes of journalists

    Good to see freedom of press being suppressed in India. I think India should hang all the journalist who talk sense.
  7. Musalman

    Indians account for 90% of airport wheelchair requests

    Well its because in Indian and also in Pakistani culture, we have respect for parents. People living in US or other countries, want their parents to come visit or live with them in US or abroad. Due to this fact many elderly, who can not walk think of travelling to these countries. This is...
  8. Musalman

    Hyderabad and Ahmedabad have a lot of Muslims, they will all support Pakistan team

    Indians can suck an egg. No matter what you do, we will have support of some Muslims of India. :-) Go kill your self
  9. Musalman

    My apology

    Please forgive me but if you wanted to leave why come back do a "khut khut" like a cheap prostitute. Pakistan is dead for you and you are dead for Pakistan. Well good for you. I still believe in Pakistan even though I am one of those who pays taxes in millions, Allahamdulliah and gets nothing in...
  10. Musalman

    examples of elite burden on the poor

    First of all going to NY, he stopped at Paris. This is not a big deal. Don't waste your energy on these things. Now the elite capture. Selling $14 per mmbtu natural gas to Textiles at US6.5 per mmbtu, with a notion that these are export oriented industries. From 2015 t0 2022. They just took...
  11. Musalman

    Mirage III / V of Pakistan Air Force

    When we were kids, Packages used to print class copies with Mirage pictures on it. :-)
  12. Musalman

    New Bharati media claim: Pakistan's ISI plotted Nijjar's killing to strain India-Canada ties

    On one hand they are glorifying Dovel and now they are saying its our job. So they are actually glorifying our agency :-)
  13. Musalman

    Not shahbaz sharif only nawaz sharif can decrease electricity bills maryum nawaz

    The only way Nawaz can reduce electricity bill is, we hire him as meter reader and bribe him for reduced meter reading.
  14. Musalman

    Fanatic Hindu calls for nuclear strike on Canada

    This is Indian version of "Lo ji fair aya jay Ghouri" Ignore them and save the bandwidth
  15. Musalman

    US knows that Indians have Low Value

    No we are not white. Genetically there is no difference between us the Pakistani Punjabis and the Indians. There is nothing wrong in being a dark person. Remember the Prophet SAW last surmon. Remember Bilal RA.
  16. Musalman

    When army reputation is low, is PMA selection continuing normally?

    May be, may be not. This means "top cream" is incompetent. BTW what is wrong with being a mastri?
  17. Musalman

    India dreaming: Can we land on the moon and build toilets too?

    Of course they can. Look at us, we built a nuclear bomb. Yet we are broke
  18. Musalman

    Mahnoor Cheema who has 34 GCSEs World & UK Record meets the Sharif brothers

    It is so unfortunate, we want Pakistan to move forward or backward based on our liking and disliking of certain leader. There was a time when everything was on same page, everything was good and all others were traitors. Now the situation is reversed therefore who cares what happens to Pakistan...
  19. Musalman

    When army reputation is low, is PMA selection continuing normally?

    I don't think so. Yesterday was army medical college test. There were thousands of kids came for the test.
  20. Musalman

    "Shoot the bastards, if they want to live in Bharat, they must shriek Jai Shri Ram" - 5 YEAR OLD pajeet boy sings at event

    What does "Jai Sherri Ram" translate to? Glory to Mr. Ram ???? I have seen Indian Muslims are also creating unnecessary nuisance which is also not right. e.g. closing roads to prayer. I know for sure, closing roads making hindrance for common people is strictly forbidden.

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