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  1. rizhussain44

    Gaza-Israel Conflict | October 2023

    Or it could be that they are embarrassed about getting shot down while they were in someone's air space
  2. rizhussain44

    US Army to purchase over 200+ Enduring Shield air defense launchers by 2030 for cruise missile defense

    So that will be an air defense system to defend another air defense system, if I have got it right
  3. rizhussain44

    Speechless .......... any justice for these women ?

    This original TikTok video was posted on May 6, where is this from?
  4. rizhussain44

    Enough with this negative, pessimistic thinking!

    exactly, I quoted you earlier and later after seeing your gibberish I decided not to respond you any further. Shouldn't be so hard to understand.
  5. rizhussain44

    Enough with this negative, pessimistic thinking!

    I said... I am am not even responding to you so what kinda daleel you expect from me? I said... I see the daleels from other people to you are falling on deaf ears, so I left it to that! I don't have the patience to deal with this anyway, how much hard is that the understand
  6. rizhussain44

    Enough with this negative, pessimistic thinking!

    I see that the other posters have given far better responses to you than I could but you are still sticking to your delusions, so I will leave it to that.
  7. rizhussain44

    Enough with this negative, pessimistic thinking!

    From day one the establishment has been choosing these compromised leaders to govern us, who then come and destroy our institutes to support their corrupt practices and also by nepotism. That's one of the main reason we have this awam where it is today.
  8. rizhussain44

    KPK Police chanting slogans against the Namaloom after the Peshawar bomb blast.

    That will be more waste of resources, it's high time that our intelligence agencies mend their way and stop wasting the tax payer's money in suppressing the voices raised against them, enough of this bull shit!
  9. rizhussain44

    Pakistan expresses solidarity with Saudi Arabia after US charges on OPEC

    I don't understand how is this happening when Bajwa is shamelessly in US camp.
  10. rizhussain44

    It is a matter of deep regret if the lady judge and the judiciary have been offended: Imran Khan's reply in the High Court

    I don’t think he has ‘apologized’ anywhere in his statement. He has very carefully chosen his words to express ‘regret’.
  11. rizhussain44

    Good move by establishment

    Besides other rubbish in your post, look at the clear conflict in it. In one breath you claim the establishment remained neutral and in the next you acknowledge it ousted Imran. Seems like the stunted growth is pretty severe in your case.
  12. rizhussain44

    PTI Azaadi March 2022: Updates and Discussion

    Look at the spelling of urdu in the Geonews_udru account handle. It’s a fake account
  13. rizhussain44

    Foreign Policy if PTI wins again.

    I don’t think anyone ever talked about burning bridges with US. However Pakistan’s relationship with any country, be it the US, should not come at the expense of Pakistan’s interest.
  14. rizhussain44

    Imran Khan Asking of Donations From Overseas Pakistanis.

    Will donate $100 for now and inshallah more in coming months. Hope they won’t make this also a foreign funding case.
  15. rizhussain44

    PM Imran Khan vs Opposition No Confidence Vote- Updates and Discussion

    That also at a backing of a foreign intervention, which makes it many times worst

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