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  1. onebyone

    China in a bull shop: One of the largest Chinese tech companies has announced a 'game-changing' 3,072-core RISC-V server that used an indigeneous CPU

    Orange servers and networks. Chinese tech giant Alibaba has claimed it has built the first commercial server powered by a processor designed on the RISC-V CPU architecture, astonishingly announcing this news in the US at this year's RISC-V Summit. As reported by HPCWire, the system, made using...
  2. onebyone

    China begins building underwater data center with performance equal to 6 million PCs — aims to save 122 million KWh of electricity and nearly ten socc

    Hainan UDC. Microsoft’s Project Natick in 2014 kicked off the trend of putting data centers in the ocean. Since then, there have been a couple of underwater data centers (UDCs) around the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. As reported by China Central Television (CCTV), China started to assemble what...

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