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  1. Tom99

    Move to UK like jumping 'from frying pan into fire': Hongkong activists

    China and the Hong Kong government needs to do everything possible, use all rules, laws and technicalities to prevent their people from coming back to Hong Kong.
  2. Tom99

    China’s Car Buyers Have Fallen Out of Love With Foreign Brands, Domestic companies are now selling more vehicles than their multinational rivals

    Chinese car buyers are not fallen out of love with foreign brands but rather out of love with old and environment damaging ICE cars. Foreign EV brand like Tesla is doing very well in China. And Chinese EV companies, like BYD, Nio, and Xpeng, etc, are giving customers very good features and...
  3. Tom99

    No assassination, no coup, no money and military control. It's time to praise Chinese government

    No. India is unable/slow "to deliver for the people" because it is "hamstrung and crippled" by corruption, nepotism, and incompetence.
  4. Tom99

    China strengthens physical education to school children to make a healthy next generation

    You may think they are 'unfit' but they still can do this to those Indian Soldiers.
  5. Tom99

    New rank from US. Indian air force is stronger than China's?

    Well, of course! There are only two super powers in the world today: One is USA and the other is India Super Power 2020.
  6. Tom99

    China: Made In China Tesla Wholesale Shipments Collapsed In April 2022

    The difference is that BYD have factory in other part of China while Tesla doesn't (and only one in Shanghai for China). However, people that wants to buy Tesla can/will do so when Shanghai reopens.
  7. Tom99

    China Just SHOCKED American Scientists With This

    This video wasn't made by a Chinese, post on Chinese website or aimed at Chinese audiences. Your post "just shows how [you] are obsessed with the China.
  8. Tom99

    Solomons Eyes Security Deal with China !

    Should have let Australia go too.
  9. Tom99

    Japan to help African countries escape China's "debt trap"

    China's "Debt Trap" in Africa is a Myth, And, so is Japan's help.
  10. Tom99

    Solomons Eyes Security Deal with China !

    Totally different issues which have no similarities. Taiwan is part of China and Solomon Islands is not part of Australia. Solomon Islands' security agreement is not against any other third party countries and only security between China and SI.
  11. Tom99

    Epic North Korean Missile promo

    The drone shot of the missile lifting off was pretty cool.
  12. Tom99

    Pakistan's acquisition of Chinese J-10C fighter jets significant for both sides: analysts

    Well, if it have been confirmed by both countries then it is all good. J-10C is good jet fighter.
  13. Tom99

    Pakistan's acquisition of Chinese J-10C fighter jets significant for both sides: analysts

    Have any official news from China confirmed Pakistan's acquisition of J-10c?
  14. Tom99

    Indian Family's Bullet Train Experience in China | Shanghai City To Suzhou City in 20 Minutes!!

    This is just an Indian family enjoying a train ride in China. What is up with all the racism and unnecessary and unconstructive comments attacking on them and Indians in general? It is sad that most threads on this forum get derailed like this all the time.
  15. Tom99

    China: The coming crisis

    An Indian-Wannabe posting a hit-piece from a Indian tabloid media. right.
  16. Tom99

    China No Longer “The World’s Factory”

    As I have said on my earlier post, China doesn't want to stay as world's cheap and dirty factory, but it is advancing toward knowledge based, high-tech and high value added exports. China inks $8 bln nuclear power plant deal in Argentina
  17. Tom99

    China’s navy comes to the rescue amid Australia’s huge failure over Tonga aid

    Tonga is thankful Australia was able to help even if their ships had a breakdown while doing it. Also, China would help Tonga regardless what Australia did, China doesn't need Australia to give it a chance or permission to help Tonga.
  18. Tom99

    China: Media freedom declining at 'breakneck speed' - report

    According to certain western medias/NGOs, Chinese media freedom have been declining at 'breakneck speed' year after year for many decades already. :meeting:
  19. Tom99

    China No Longer “The World’s Factory”

    China doesn't need to be nor does it wants to be the dirty low-cost factory for global goods. However, China is advancing toward high-tech manufacture and knowledge outputs (as many have already stated on this thread) that will bring better growths and higher standard of living to Chinese citizens.
  20. Tom99

    The Beijing Olympics won't be the splashy launch China wanted for its digital currency

    Also, by CNN: The Beijing Olympics won't stop global hunger. The Beijing Olympics won't stop climate change. and The Beijing Olympics won't stop Indian-wannabe Aziqbal posting non-sense articles on this forum.

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