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  1. Zhukov

    Pakistani and Malaysian economies compared, Why is Malaysia doing better, lol?

    Not a topic for one thread and for type of intolerant public we have.
  2. Zhukov

    Rare public joy sweeps Kabul after World Cup win over Pakistan

    I have been hearing this since the early days of childhood. "Saleem Malik, Ejaz Ahmad, Inzamam" Should be thrown out "Yousaf Younis Hafeez Malik Afridi" should be thrown out "Misbah Kamran Umer Ahmed Shehzad" Should be thrown out. Such is the state pf our team since the time i am watching...
  3. Zhukov

    The Future of Pakistan, under Nawaz Sharif 4.0 - the latest Establishment experiment ?

    This sicilian mafia will fix the country? Billo duudh ki rakhwali karey gi. The fight between Nawaz/Zardari and Military was who had the undisputed right to Have absolute hold on this gulag. Now they realized they have the same goal and common enemy, so lets share the income of the Gulag Labor...
  4. Zhukov

    The prodigal son of punjab returns!

    lolz more like stepping away from your stupidity. You keep on parroting same stupid crap in every thread. No matter how many times all of this is answered in detail in your face. No need to explain anything to a bigot like yourself with nothing but malice against my people. I dont respond to...
  5. Zhukov

    The prodigal son of punjab returns!

    Trigerred Punjabophobe detected.
  6. Zhukov

    The prodigal son of punjab returns!

    So now case study shifted from Sindh and Karachi to KPK because because apparently south is not a good example to vilify Punjab? 😂. Yeah when PPP formed govt in Punjab it was all N league. Whn KPK voted for ANP in 2007 it was all PTI. MQM karachi was all PTI when Karachi people use to vote for...
  7. Zhukov

    The prodigal son of punjab returns!

    Seems like field day for Punjabophobe Morons 😂. Keep electing PPP and MQM. Keep voting Mix Achar and supporting seperatists in Balochistan. Keep voting ANP. Keep supporting TTP. And vent frustration on Punjab 🤣. Rinse and Repeat. The most stupid delusional Nutheads of Pakistan.
  8. Zhukov

    The prodigal son of punjab returns!

    This post is targetted towards punjabophobes like the OP who always want to oversimplify Pakistani Politics to further there Ethnic Agenda. If you want to create a narrative, Then you simply can without ifs and buts. Not you or any other Pakistani that dont have any racist malafied intent...
  9. Zhukov

    The prodigal son of punjab returns!

    Says a Karachite who still voted for PPP and JI on the peak of Anti Establishment/PDM wave accross Pakistan. When Punjab Voted PDM coalition out in the provincial byelections 9 to 1, despite Unilateral support by establishment a few months back. Karachi prople fired the first shot from Side of...
  10. Zhukov

    Indian Crowd Boo with "Jai Shri Ram" to Mohammad Rizwan Who Was Returning to Pavillion

    Click ignore on the members defending this incident. Thank me later. Love these C***** detector threads.
  11. Zhukov

    Public Hates Noon League Thugs

    Ask your Father Mother or other reletives what they witnessed during Zia time after ZAB was hanged. If your family was a PPP supporter back then. Us Pakistanis tend to forget very easily. This opression is nothing new in History of Pakistan.
  12. Zhukov

    26-year-old Aviad called from the festival: "I'm shot - they're killing everyone here"

    May be because At that time, Nobody could have guessed when is the 4th German Reich coming around and beat the crap out of everyone around them. Specially the few million Jews. The docile cooperative Germany we have today was a distant dream. Germany had formed a global empire and beat the whole...
  13. Zhukov

    26-year-old Aviad called from the festival: "I'm shot - they're killing everyone here"

    May be the prospect to tame the much less hostile and underdeveloped Middle Eastern Arabs was much feasible compared to taming Western European christians of Mid 1900s who were much more hostile to Jews and were much more educated, developed and stable. Who knows. Why is racial hate tolerated...
  14. Zhukov

    LOL Govt eyes $11bn aid from China, Saudi Arabia amid crunch

    Elecrion karawao aur dafa ho yahan se. Its not your work or mendate to give statements about economy. Bloody Defacto Martial Law.
  15. Zhukov

    60% of India in poverty While Pakistan is only 40% - CNN According to World Bank - Official Figures Reported - Source Available for Statistics

    O bhai maaf kar dey. Get out of this non sense D*** measurement contest. They are a Third world country as well, and not a parameter when it comes to human developement. But they ahave gone ages ahead of us now with in these 15 years. Hamarey Mulk ke halaat dekho. Na sir na per ecnomy...
  16. Zhukov

    Pakistan: At least 50 killed, dozens injured in Mastung blast

    Who cares . Yateem Maskeen Qoum. Hamari ryasat na hamari maan hai na baap. Gajar muuli ki tarha kat'tey rahen gey hum. koi pursaan e haal nai.
  17. Zhukov

    ‘90% of Beggars Arrested Abroad are Pakistanis’, Secretary Overseas

    Dont know about the rest of the world. But if you come to gulf countries Most are Bangladeshis followed by Indians amd Pakistanis. Meanwhile Arabs beg in a different way. The classic gimmick . A camry or Camaro will stop by and a well dressed Arab will step out. "Brother Can you give me 200...
  18. Zhukov

    The Role of Pakistan Army in National Development

    Kese kese namoney Hain hamarey is Forum mei. Still defending Political role and Business Ventures of Armed forces 🤦🏽‍♂️. Koi nai beta, Aag lagti hai to Chuhey ki Bil bhi jal jati hai, Sher ki kachaar bhi. Sooner or later It will reach your homes as well. All Opponent groups of your policies will...

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