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    India's LCA Tejas in Trouble ?

    Oh, thanks for reminding us, will sure look into this.
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    Hezbollah are better war fighters than an average Israeli soldier

    1) So you mean that Hamas scarified these thousands of babies just to be the global talking point? 2) The post is about Hizbullah. :what: really ?
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    Hezbollah are better war fighters than an average Israeli soldier

    From dreams. Without proper air defence, they will incurs huge loss to them as compare to the Israeli losses, a few days back someone posted on X that so far Hamas has destroyed (x) numbers of Israeli tanks, does 100 destroyed tanks can replace a single child martyred?
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    India's LCA Tejas in Trouble ?

    You can make this correction on wikipedia then.
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    Hezbollah are better war fighters than an average Israeli soldier

    It doesn't matter, does they have air force? does they have reliable air defence? would their rocket artillery penetrate through iron dome?
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    We were unhappy in Pakistan, but we are not happy in India either

    Haha, yeah, they won't face religious persecution because Muslims there are facing religious persecution.:-)
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    Afghani Immigrant Kills His Pakistani Wife for Refusing to Go to Afghanistan with Him

    Killing her was not the solution, but the other option he has was to divorce her?
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    India's LCA Tejas in Trouble ?

    How much extra fuel? 9kg?
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    India's LCA Tejas in Trouble ?

    Tejas with its delta wing design and higher wing area has more drag than JF-17. Tejas's engine's fuel consumption is lower when running in test stand, not in the air, facing higher drag force.
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    INSECURITY: Pajeets now planning to change the name of Aligarh to Harigarh

    People think that India is a secular nation because Indian officially portray it as secular nation, please ask your representative not to portray India as secular nation. I think it is mentioned in Indian constitution, if so please demand this change too.
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    Namak Haram !!!

    We are Namak Haram to our own country, so why would they not be Namak Haram to us? Even our Army Chief and ISI Chief are Namak Haram to the country they were supposed to serve
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    Rawalpindi: Massive IED diffused by Bomb Disposal Squad

    When court ordered to present Musharaf in court, the same thing happened, security agencies got tip of a bomb in the route on which Musharaf was to be brought to court, security agencies defused the bomb but musharaf was not presented in court due to security risks. this time court ordered Imran...
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    How did the Houthis get such long range missiles? Comparable to that of Iran and Pakistan

    P Palestine is a state or not? if yes, why aren't we supporting them. with Baktar shikan and anza
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    Pakistan Navy has commissioned the Ferry Ship, PNS BALOCHISTAN

    It is sad to see Pakistan Navy inducting this small ship of foreign origin, why can't it be made within Pakistan?
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    How did the Houthis get such long range missiles? Comparable to that of Iran and Pakistan

    Have we supplied any weapons to Hamas? on side we are? Palestine or Israel? Hamas, Hizbullah, and Houthis will welcome weapon from Pakistan and will not ask, why you are not firing from your country.
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    India deploys MR-SAM near northwestern borders with Pakistan

    To be honest, technically we dropped bombs within Pakistan (Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir) while India bombed area which they don't claim as Indian territory.
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    Russia-Ukraine War - News and Developments PART 2

    I agreed with you on that matter.
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    Shameful - Pakistan, Turkey, Bangaldesh and other Muslims countries

    I don't know about other countries, But Pakistani govt had stopped the lip service too, look at their statement, they even didn't used the term Occupying forces, which was a norm until now. Pakistan Army has killed more fellow Muslims than Indian.
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    Nawaz Sharif landed in Suadi Arabia for Royal family endorsement

    Your intentions are good, but everything mil est is doing is due to their nefarious alliance with Nawaz Sharif, once he is in power, he will continue this 'nanga nach' or brutality. The Anwaar-ul-Haq is a good person in general but atm he is a stoge

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