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  1. Viking 63

    Pakistan Decides to Sell Its Old Embassy Building In USA

    Very old building i remember going there one time back in 1995 when i was studying in Baltimore. This building is not in use anymore so nothing wrong in selling it and getting good price. They need the funds to expand and renovate current Embassy.
  2. Viking 63

    A heartbreaking murdering: 17 year old Nicoletta, murdered by her 22-year-old Pakistani refugee boyfriend

    I'm pretty sure this jack *** was not Pakistani but Afghan carrying a Pakistani Passport. 90% of these so called refuges in Europe are Afghans pretending to be Pakistani.
  3. Viking 63

    Do228 detects and forces PNS Alamgir out of Indian water's

    Navies do that deliberately- to test the response-nothing out of the ordinary.
  4. Viking 63

    Indian Boxer beats Pakistani boxer 5-0 in Commonwealth Games opening round

    All the athletes from Pakistan are only on Joy trip, nothing else. There is no sports in the country except Cricket. Really pathetic state of affairs.
  5. Viking 63

    Pakistan signs the deal for two more Damen Class OPV.

    Great to see additional vessels, PN needs to increase its surface combatants fleet to 50-60 major ships in both small medium and large ships.
  6. Viking 63

    Govt and military owe India an authentic history of the 1971 Bangladesh War. Rest is mythology

    It is exhausting that we are still debating 71 war- Guys move on !!
  7. Viking 63

    Vietnam's export turnover projected to hit $535 bn by 2030

    Pakistan really needs to look at their export model- and see how they can adopt and learn new ways to increase export- All these ASEAN countries were a mess 30 years ago but look at them now-- Even India was almost Bankrupt at 1990 time with only 1.5 billion USD in Reserves - but look at them...
  8. Viking 63

    Colin Powell, dies of Covid complications at 84

    Another Mass Murderer gone- Hope he burns into the depths of Hell till eternity. Responsible of killing 1000s of young/old/women/ children.
  9. Viking 63

    Shamima Begum, regardless of her new image, remains the UK’s responsibility

    Com'on Guys - she made a mistake as a teenager. She learned her lesson the hard way. I'm just appalled the British Govt revoked her citizenship- Gee how callous and Racist can u get !!!
  10. Viking 63

    Iran Decides to AcComplete Takeover of Afghanistan

    They are investigating and then what ?? who gives a crap what they have to to say and they are in no position to do anything also !!!
  11. Viking 63

    Afghan peace process: conversation with moeed yousuf

    This America Jack *** has the audacity of asking about FATF- They are working with India and France to keep Pakistan on FATF--
  12. Viking 63

    Afghan Refugee Gets His Software Updated in Karachi

    I have been saying from day one we need to kick all afghan trash from Pakistan asap !!! These people as same as deadly snake roaming in your house !!!
  13. Viking 63

    Lt Gen (R) Syed Arif Hassan

    This guy is a disaster- Real dumboo- Can some one please kick this guy out from POA and get the right people in so we can see some improvements in sports.
  14. Viking 63

    Pakistani Navy going through a serious buildup

    Finally some additions and improvements in PN- Long over due as it was the most neglected service but now it showns that Govt has finally realized how important Naval power is supposed to be.
  15. Viking 63

    Racist attacks Asian man, gets brutally knocked out

    Good Job man--- he that A-Hole desreved it.
  16. Viking 63

    Strongest Pakistan Cricket Team Failed to Win the 1999 WC

    Yes we lost the Final becus we were led by a Traitor- who also threw the match against Bangladesh- I knew it from that moment onwards Pakistan is not winning the title- It become very clear he was involved in Betting - The story goes that his brother or some cousin in UK bet 4 million Pounds...
  17. Viking 63

    Pakistan Navy Questions Thread

    i Would steer clear anything American- Good option is Italian AWs PN need to look at them more seriously.
  18. Viking 63

    Bill reintroduced in US House to terminate designation of Pakistan as Major non-NATO ally 1/4/2021

    Thank God- Good riddance !!! They can take their Non NATO ally crap and shove it up their asses !!!
  19. Viking 63

    Atrocities of 1971 cannot be forgotten and forgiven, Sheikh Hasina tells Pakistan high commissioner

    They only talk about atrocities committed by Pakistan Army- What about all the atrocities committed by Mukhti bahani and other Bengalis?? These jack asses don't mention the fact the army operation was started against them only after the Isphani Tea colony massacres where they killed all...
  20. Viking 63

    Pakistan-Turkey 4 Milgem Ada Class Corvettes Contract - Construction started

    I dont understand why spend 1 billion usd to buy 4 corvettes when for the money we could have bought 4-5 Type 054 from China ??

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