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    The 'world's worst' airport

    I'm amazed Dhaka is not on the top ten :)
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    Here are the world’s worst cities for air pollution

    Where is Dhaka? Shouldn't it be on top ten :P
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    Pakistani mega hit film ‘'Waar'’ | Reviews & Discussions.

    If it was released in US, I could have helped the producer,, free link is my only option :P :P
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    Pakistani mega hit film ‘'Waar'’ | Reviews & Discussions.

    The trailor looks promising, any links to watch it?
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    Jewish settlers storm Al-Aqsa Mosque, perform rituals

    Why bother replying these indian idiots? They either don't study history perfectly or they suppress some truths. Like that guy suppressed the fact that in the medieval time the christian aka european were barbaric and muslim liberated them. Crusaders were responsible for orgies and rapes...
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    science fiction movies anybody?

    I guess its ' The contact ' .. Jody foster was there.
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    Let's talk about AL's success and failure in this tenure?

    The moment the BAL administration denied Visa for Humanitarian workers supporting Felani, that moment I lost all my support and affection for BAL, How come one now claim BAL as ' pro-independence ' party? If so, what is independence? BAL have some success in agri and that's it, oh I forgot some...
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    26/11-like attack in Kenya, Indians among 39 killed

    I see some retard dragging and bashing religion now.. Idiots don't see the shooting in US naval yards couple of days ago. So what is that Christian extremism? To all those retards and idiots- A terrorist is a terrorist, he doesn't have any religion. But again you retards don't know the source...
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    Shall China deliver 36 J10B free of charge to Pakistan?

    Look at you, licking our *** for transit/ trade, etc yet call others beggar? Indians now a days have no shame at all.
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    Disastrous rampal PP- Another chanakyan rip off of BD.

    We deserve this. If you have some intelligentsia in your country which, despite all of the heinous deed can support and act for the regime, what else you expect? No BAL 'buddhi protibondi' is talking against this project. Even BNP is not considering it as a major issue. We deserve to perish.
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    Disaster for US foreign policy and credibility

    In the end innocents will keep suffering.
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    Indian trial of Felani’s killers: Political gimmick to save AL

    It's a natural course that we will pay back in style. India could remain our strongest ally and friend but its choose to bully us. BAL will not remain in power for eternity and BD will not be weak militarily and economically in future.
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    Saudi princess buys massive Swiss estate

    True. Also I noticed a little thing that makes me wonder. I think original Swiss people are some what conservative, they do not accept outsiders as their own. I might be wrong, what do you think?
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    Saudi princess buys massive Swiss estate

    There goes my dream of buying a house in Switzerland. :taz: I have to say among the countries I've visited switzerland is one of the best and human friendly.
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    Switzerland opens drive in 'sex boxes' to make prostitution safer

    Dude I didn't know. If I knew I would certainly take a peek.
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    Switzerland opens drive in 'sex boxes' to make prostitution safer

    I was there yesterday !! Saw one of the boxes but didn't what those actually are !!
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    First Video of Egypt Massacre on 14 August... Only 18+ not 4 weak hearts...

    Who ever supported Army's takeover from en elected body is responsible for these killings. They got Blood of the innocents in their hands. We'll hate them forever.
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    Two teen Bangladeshi died in India

    Just a day or two ago we returned a BSF members weapon and this is the reply we got from ungrateful indians !!

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