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    India, not China, best suited to lead developing world: Indian FM

    China should learn from India's foreign policy, which is simple and direct and should not consider international image or long-term interests.
  2. Char

    Six or seven’ Muslim countries to make peace with Israel after Saudis: report

    Saudi Arabia is stalling for time. Israel's future partner is Türkiye.
  3. Char

    Asian Games Hangzhou -September/October 2023

    China's football, basketball and volleyball are not good now.
  4. Char

    Bashar Al Assad visits China

    Assad is luckier than Saddam and Gaddafi. You may not like him before, but you can't ignore him now. Syria will become a new power in the Middle East.
  5. Char

    Bashar Al Assad visits China

    China has promised to help Syria improve its counter-terrorism capabilities. I wonder what weapons China will provide. Then China will help Syria rebuild.
  6. Char

    Trudeau accuses Indian government of involvement in killing of Canadian Sikh leader

    The timing of this news makes sense. Just after Huawei released its new mobile phone, the U.S. trade war and technology war with China failed, and the rhythm of the U.S. strategy toward China was completely disrupted. Next, after the United States harvests the European Union, it will be India...
  7. Char

    Bashar Al Assad visits China

    China and Syria have established a strategic partnership.
  8. Char

    China angry

    Germany's right wing soon came to power, otherwise Germany would soon turn into a cesspool.
  9. Char

    Korea urged to adopt China exit strategy amid hegemonic war

    China is forced to do so. Semiconductor chips used to be the category that China imported the most.
  10. Char

    Bashar Al Assad visits China

    This is definitely a big deal!
  11. Char

    Singapore backs AUKUS and says Australia could play ‘bigger role’ in regional security

    There is no difference between Singapore and European countries controlled by the United States.
  12. Char

    The latest news is that China's 7nm chips are manufactured using synchrotron radiation, which has 40 times the capacity of EUV lithography.

    EUV lithography machines made in China do not need to be portable, and the technical requirements for lenses and photoresists will be reduced.
  13. Char

    Singapore Is Ready Anytime For Non-Chinese PM: Tharman Says S’poreans Today Look Beyond Race

    Stupid people still show their allegiance to Western neoliberalism.
  14. Char

    US cop makes joke about death of Indian girl who got killed in road accident, Seattle police saying woman killed had 'limited value'

    The sincerity of Indians here towards Americans will not change because of this incident of limited value. You know, although there are some Indians here with two American flags. Hopefully Indians will realize that no matter how much you embrace Western racism you cannot be a Westerner.
  15. Char

    Too late for ‘full blocking sanctions’ on China chip makers

    America is so stupid, they really helped China. Americans have not realized that the methods used to deal with other countries in the past will not work against China. China should give Trump and Biden each a one-ton medal.
  16. Char

    Poverty in Britain - Why are millions of Brits so broke?

    This is a conspiracy by the British, or to be precise, by white British people, to divert social problems caused by economic recession.
  17. Char

    Indonesian President Joko Widodo give out a trial of The China built New Indonesia's Jakarta to Bandung Bullet Train

    Hope that the Indonesian high-speed railway can operate safely. There are rumors that some accidents during the construction of the Indonesian high-speed railway were intentionally caused by bad people.

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