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  1. Bawag

    My apology

    Good luck Mate :)
  2. Bawag

    Riots and sectarian violence in South Asia

    Not sure about Bhutan! 1) But Bangladesh is majority ethnically homogeneous. 2) There is Hindu-Muslim stuff on small scale. 3) Among the Muslim majority, it is majority Sunni population.
  3. Bawag

    Singapore has overtaken Japan as the world's most powerful passport — but where does Australia rank?

    Were you using Aussie passport? As of now, you need ETA for USA and Canada which costs around $10-$20. And it can take up to 72 hours to process. USA: https://www.dhs.gov/visa-waiver-program-requirements +...
  4. Bawag

    Singapore has overtaken Japan as the world's most powerful passport — but where does Australia rank?

    One of the great fallacies or misunderstanding here is the ETA upon arrival. By using an Aussie passport, you have to get an e-visa/ETA/ESTA in advance through online systems before traveling. For example, you just can not show-up on any airport of USA or Canada and get a visa on the spot :(
  5. Bawag

    R1A Distribution in Pakistan

    Please share the VLOG link and Facebook Story link :P
  6. Bawag

    6 Terrorists in KP and 8 Terrorists in Balochistan Killed by Security Forces

    High rank/command has definitely lost the credibility (thanks to Bajwa and Co.) Having said that doesn't mean army is not a state institution. Institutions fall and rebuild themselves (fingers crossed on this one; let's wait and see how Pak Army reemerge or there still some falling left) My...
  7. Bawag

    7 terrorists killed in crossfire with CTD in North Waziristan 14 Feb 2023

    At least seven terrorists were killed in a crossfire with the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) police in North Waziristan. News Source: https://www.samaaenglish.tv/news/40027543
  8. Bawag

    12 TTP Terrorists Killed in Lakki Marwat, KPK

    https://www.nation.com.pk/09-Feb-2023/12-ttp-terrorists-killed-in-gun-battle-in-lakki-marwat-says-ispr https://www.dawn.com/news/1736116/12-ttp-terrorists-killed-in-lakki-operation https://www.thenews.com.pk/latest/1038436-security-forces-gun-down-12-ttp-terrorists-in-lakki-marwat Will I be...
  9. Bawag

    12 TTP Terrorists Killed in Lakki Marwat, KPK

    12 TTP terrorists in Lakki Marwat area killed during an IBO.
  10. Bawag

    Pakistan's identity crisis..a very good speech by a pakistani

    Any Debate going on PDF, for example: Debate Question: What is 2+2 = ? Some Random Answers (By the Sharmas & Varmas on PDF): 1) The water can be green or blue in Oceans. 2) Moscow is the Capital of Russia. 3) Forceful Conversions. 4) Mughals did XYZ. 5) Balochistan. 6) Pakistanis and Indians...
  11. Bawag

    Pakistan's identity crisis..a very good speech by a pakistani

    Logic is what you can't digest here :) Marathas were heroes for you may be because of same religion and perhaps same ethnicity for you. But once they started oppressing Muslims, anyone (regardless of religion/ethnicity) who whooped Maratha's asses became heroes for those who were facing...
  12. Bawag

    Pakistan's identity crisis..a very good speech by a pakistani

    Mate! Modern Day Germans and Italians are happy, aligned and thankful of the 'Invaders such Americans, British, etc' for getting rid of Evil (i.e., Nazism and Fascism). It's not their identity crisis. Should the Germans consider Adolf Hitler their hero or George S. Patton?
  13. Bawag

    Blast in a Mosque in Peshawar: 50 people injured

    Surrender has already happened mate. It has already happened!
  14. Bawag

    Taliban destroy parts of the border fence again. Taliban member admits to killing Pak soldiers, encouraging other Talibs to do the same

    Some replies under the tweet suggested that it is an old video of Dostum's Compound being trashed. Anyways, if the video is true, this matter should be dealt with iron fist NOW!
  15. Bawag

    8 ex-Indian Navy officers detained in Doha; Twitter OSIN suggesting all Will Be Hanged!!!!!!

    Source: https://theprint.in/india/8-ex-indian-navy-officers-detained-in-doha-gwalior-woman-seeks-help-for-her-brother/1205010/ Since 30th August, 8 ex-Indian Navy personals were detained by Qatar for espionage charges. Rumours on Twitter are that they will be hanged. Does any one know...
  16. Bawag

    Only in India can a Muslim rise to top Shah Faesal’s dig at Pakistan

    Time is the best teacher! Ask/tell him to just hang in there! 10-15 years later a lot of things will be much clear to him and many alike him :P
  17. Bawag

    T20 World Cup 2022: India vs Pakistan at MCG | 23rd Oct 2022 | The Biggest Match in the World

    80% rain prediction here in Melbourne :P
  18. Bawag


    That may be the demand by Washington D.C; I think counter demand would be: Can't or Won't give up on Kashmir. Also Kashmir is a 'check' on India by US; just in-case India plans to be China 2.0. China is insurance policy against India by Pak and in the long run against West as well. Yes Please...

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