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  1. Amolthebest

    Pakistan has taken the lead role in saving world cricket from disaster

    If money is not everything then every cricketing team in the world is touring Pakistan despite security threats (and despite attack on Shrilanka team on busy streets of Pakistan)
  2. Amolthebest

    Pakistan has taken the lead role in saving world cricket from disaster

    IPL offers to some of Pakistani cricket players and even they wont support their board :omghaha:. Apart from how these small countries can fight Indian, Aus. and England cricket boards.
  3. Amolthebest

    Photo of Modi with woman at centre of snooping row published

    I am no fan of Modi but even if he is involved with this women then whaat? We want to see demi gods as our PM but whether its Rahul or NAMO they are mere human beings at the end of the day.We need to respect their personal lives.
  4. Amolthebest

    Pakistani soldiers killed by the Taliban could not be declared martyrs: Munawar Hasan

    These mullahs and extremists are the rats who abandon the ship and will go saudi when the country will sink. I am surprised that many members here supports them here
  5. Amolthebest

    Will continue to back J&K rebels, Pakistan tells Hurriyat

    Supporting religious extremists has cost Pakistan dearly. Many soldiers and innocent citizens are paying prizes for this mistake on daily basis. and still this? have some serious doubt your leaders priorities and intellect.
  6. Amolthebest

    The military Role of "East Pakistan"-Bangladesh in 1965 against India

    1971 war goes in the history as one of the effortless war won by India.One of biggest war wins after second world war. Period. This war has given eternal edge to Indians on this forum too :D:D:D
  7. Amolthebest

    Is PAF ranked top among all Muslim Countries Airforces Now?

    Its good to see that many Pakistani members dont think that PAF is best. reserved optimism and true sense is better than blind jingoism. Indian members are also very realistic in these matters.When you are realistic you are in win win position
  8. Amolthebest

    We look at India as a big industry: Pakistani supermodel Amna Ilyas

    Bring her here ASAP :man_in_love:
  9. Amolthebest

    Extraterrestrial Etiquette: How Should Humanity Interact with Alien Life?

    We can show them some bollywood movies for starters :cheesy:
  10. Amolthebest

    Obama asked why 26/11 trial has not started: Nawaz Sharif

    Why people read Osama instead of Obama when the topic covers word 'Pakistan' :enjoy:
  11. Amolthebest

    Pakistan Taliban chief Hakimullah Mehsud killed in drone strike.

    Its high time Pakistanis should start support drone attacks. They are doing far better job than Pakistan Army
  12. Amolthebest

    Oreo: World’s leading biscuit brand comes to Pakistan

    What an achievement? Whats next? UN's permanent membership? :cheesy:
  13. Amolthebest

    Pakistan's love for Saudi Arabia '95% favourable': Pew poll

    Indian Muslims too? :coffee: Dont think so
  14. Amolthebest

    Four Indians among Fortune's list of 50 most powerful women in business

    Add one more thing to the list. A country which have worst neighbor known to be world be as rogue state :cheesy:
  15. Amolthebest

    Pakistani journalist reveals how Qasab was sold to terror group

    Osama was not killed in Pakistan. Kasab was not Pakistani. PAkistan won 1965 war. And We didn't surrender to India in 1971 :cheesy:
  16. Amolthebest

    Pakistan's love for Saudi Arabia '95% favourable': Pew poll

    When we South Asian countries stop to idolize other outside countries like China, US, And Saudi. Huge inferiority complex we have :hitwall:
  17. Amolthebest

    Pakistani mega hit film ‘'Waar'’ | Reviews & Discussions.

    This movie is biggest blow to India after 1962 war. How can we survive this movie (whatever the name is. Our regional films have bigger budget than biggest movies in Pakistan). Indian will crowd the theater to watch the movie :toast_sign:
  18. Amolthebest

    Adnan Sami told to leave India

    I hope Pakistani cricketers who are dying to play in IPL will learn some lesson. And yes others like Atif Aslam too. Why these guys prefer personal growth and money on cost of national pride and humiliation
  19. Amolthebest

    Musharraf 're-arrested' over Lal Masjid operation.

    A military dictator is fighting for justice in democracy . Loving it
  20. Amolthebest

    Peace Cricket Match Peshawar !

    Any chances of revival of international cricket on Pakistani soil? Please update

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