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  1. Maira La

    Advice Needed! Confused regarding AI course / career

    If you're really interested and want to make a career out of it, why not take a bunch of online courses on basic CS topics, then go for an MSc. in Computer Science?
  2. Maira La

    BD, Pak have lower child poverty than ModiFied India: UNICEF

    Looks like someone in GoI forgot to send fudged data to UNICEF.
  3. Maira La

    Pakistan is poorest country than Bangladesh and India - Latest World bank Report

    Indian subhumans think they are something while their gdp/capita is near the rock bottom.
  4. Maira La

    Had the finest Pakistani Cuisine in Sharjah, U.A.E

    Hindu women crave for Muslim lingam like animals. Even today. You can only blame them. For a Muslim f***ing a Hindu woman is like doing charity.
  5. Maira La

    Had the finest Pakistani Cuisine in Sharjah, U.A.E

    That wouldn't be a lucrative slave trade. You will understand when you look at your mom or sister.
  6. Maira La

    The Battle of 'Ain Jalut | Mamluks vs. Mongols

    By the way 'Ain Jalut was not the first Muslim victory against the Mongols. The first time Muslims defeated Mongols was at the Battle of Parwan, in Genghis Khan's time. However the victorious Muslim army soon disintegrated due to infighting.
  7. Maira La

    India suspends visas for Canadians as row escalates

    Why would Canadians who are not of Indian origin go to a 3rd world shithole like India? You suppapowarians are delusional.
  8. Maira La

    Interesting stories found in Youtube

  9. Maira La

    Iran’s parliament approves ‘hijab bill’; harsh punishments for violations

    The bill defines an array of punishments for violators of a mandatory dress code, including fines and prison terms. Tehran, Iran – Iran’s parliament has passed a new “hijab and chastity” bill that lays out punishment for people, especially women, who violate the country’s mandatory dress code...
  10. Maira La

    India warns citizens on Canada travel amid row over Sikh leader’s murder

    Like Americans die to migrate to Mexico..
  11. Maira La

    India warns citizens on Canada travel amid row over Sikh leader’s murder

    Absolutely time to teach the Canadians a lesson. Boycott Canada. Boycott Canadian education. Boycott Canadian jobs. It's Canada's loss. :lol:
  12. Maira La

    War has begun in Karabakh.

    Fake news. No one surrenders with billions of dollars of Indian weapons. Armenia will be superpower sidekick, you just watch.
  13. Maira La

    Mufti Taqi Usmani warned against participation of Pakistani females in Miss Universe contest

    Non-Muslim women should be allowed to participate, but without state sponsorship.
  14. Maira La

    War has begun in Karabakh.

    Armenia won't go to war to protect Armenians in Karabakh? Surprising, since Armenia is now assumed to be a mini superpower after purchasing military equipment from mega superpower India...
  15. Maira La

    "Menstruating women attending Hindu celebrations are causing flooding" - more controversial statements from IIT Director

    Hindus used to treat menstruating women as filth and expel them from their homes, until Muslim rulers put an end to this practice. As Churchill once said, a beastly people with a beastly religion.
  16. Maira La

    R1A Distribution in Pakistan

    In Pakistan and Afghanistan, more than 90% men belong to R1a haplogroup. In non-Punjab India it's only found in high frequency among Brahmins (and perhaps any group that has a history of frequent non-paternity event with Brahmin men).
  17. Maira La

    R1A Distribution in Pakistan

    The frequency depends on caste more than geography. Brahmins have high frequency of R1a carriers, because their male lineages originated in Pakistan (and married local adivasi women in India).
  18. Maira La

    A Muslim shrine demolished by Hindu extremists in Uttarakhand, India

    I'm curious, does your mom and sister worship penis like these women?
  19. Maira La

    The Indian title laying claim to everything n an?

    Sufi Islam, Turko-Persian culture and British colonial culture. Pre-Islamic hindu culture barely exists in South Asia. Ever seen the common hindus of Bharat dress like their ancestors - unstitched clothes wrapped around their bodies, and women not covering breasts? The people of Bali retained...

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