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  1. Riz

    Absolutely NOT to absolutely YES. Pakistan supplying weapons to Ukraine

    For dollars these haramis can sell their their children, their daughters , their wives and their mothers , for them country is like whore , and civilians are like condom , chodtay jao phainkty jao
  2. Riz

    Pakistan's Own hypersonic engine Designed by Dr.Shoaib

    nope, he cant be escaped from the dirty hands of dirty hafiz
  3. Riz

    Pakistan's Own hypersonic engine Designed by Dr.Shoaib

    His life is in danger
  4. Riz

    Namira Salim Set to Make History as the First Pakistani to Go Into Space

    Please take whole pakistan with you , take us away from our brave harami, mother seller generals , we are ready to live even without oxygen up there in space :lol:
  5. Riz

    PIA seeks Rs23b bailout from government

    Nothing to worry about , hafiz is brining 75 billion dollars , everything will be fine inshallah , must believe on God and Hafiz
  6. Riz

    Pakistan Army Has Introduced a New Course to Improve Professionalism of Officers

    situation of our fascist military gang right now , gang had a monkey with a gun and they called him chief
  7. Riz

    Ammar Farooq Death by State... (A PTI Ticket Holder`s Son)

    Allah pak kuttay ki maot mary unko jinho na is buchy par zulm kia , inshallah zindgi rahi to inhi generals ki naslon log ise dharti k roads par ghaseet kar marain gay .. inshallah inshallah ul al ameen
  8. Riz

    Hangor Class Submarine Project | Updates & Discussions

    dirty hafiz and fascist military busy killing civilian's they have no intentions for military equipment etc, master USA is very happy with the performance of their lapdogs
  9. Riz

    Supreme Court to go live on TV!!

    Chutyaapa from the right tuta of the military and non league , everyone knows who is he and what he is going todo
  10. Riz

    Chief Justice Qazi Faez Isa Replaces Surpeme Court Registrar

    His original pic
  11. Riz

    Chief Justice Qazi Faez Isa Replaces Surpeme Court Registrar

    He is corrupt to the core , he only survived because of his colleges passed the law “ A person can not be called guilty if he kept the corruption money in his wife and children accounts”
  12. Riz

    Pakistan hopes MBS will make brief stopover

    Penchoda tujy hafiz penchod na bataya ha k khan na suadi prince ki penchod bola ? :lol: penchodo khan aisi penchodi nhi karta
  13. Riz

    SUPARCO & TAIMUR Space Launch Vehicle - What Happened?

    Its haram to land on moon : "COAS General Haji Namazi Ghazi Hfiz Seyad Asim Muneer" issued fatwar on SUPARCO scientists
  14. Riz

    No Pakistani General has ever succeeded; not will Asim Munir!

    Now Face the reality, dollar crossed 350 from 170 since the regime change and the presence of this chutiaa matric fail hafiz
  15. Riz

    TTP fighters infiltrate into Chitral and attempt to seize villages/posts 6/9/23

    Both are terrorists groups , both groups are civilians killing machines :lol:
  16. Riz

    On March 24 1971 - Pakistan Army arrested Sheikh Mujeeb & humiliated him

    ab kal agar mulk toot gia to woh imran khan ki waja sa tootay ga ...hain na fujetuay ?
  17. Riz

    Saudi Arabia to invest $25 bln in Pakistan

    hafiz to keh raha tha k oh cash day ga aor ma unko 15 wapis karonga baki nhi :lol: yudi deo aisy ksi investment kar chuka china us ma sa abhi tak L bhi nhi mila pakistan ko ya pakistanion ko
  18. Riz

    US Embassy: A Source of Controversy and Discord in Pakistan

    masters are moving freely here in the land of hafiz ka pakistan hoor chupoo gany
  19. Riz

    What plans did army chief share with businessmen?

    shaikh MBS who offering 100 billion dollars to dirty hafiz :lol:

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