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  1. zagahaga

    Kerala Corner

  2. zagahaga

    wow you really good

    wow you really good
  3. zagahaga

    say wurrrdd.... u get paid to do it?

    say wurrrdd.... u get paid to do it?
  4. zagahaga

    MODS deleate troll post?

    MODS deleate troll post?
  5. zagahaga

    US navy to battle Iranian mini-ekranoplan swarms with rayguns

    swarms of them. hit and RUN RUN!!!!
  6. zagahaga

    Feel The Tactical Superiority : Indian "TOPGUN" for The Mighty IAF

    :lol: i was being scarcastic... but when there no air feild to land on where they going to land? dessert of rajistan?
  7. zagahaga

    New generation of Dodge Charger

    challenger are beaut never been so happy tradeing my rx8 for it . if you are intrested never get the standard v6 they suck get 5.7 hemi cummins v8 that is basically beast
  8. zagahaga

    Feel The Tactical Superiority : Indian "TOPGUN" for The Mighty IAF

    XINIX NOPE all these front line bases that will have fgfa su 30 mig 29 lca bla bla bla ... are all well within range or our offensive plat fourms any slight bit of war comeing from you guys mean we will send everything mostely babur cruise missel which will total the odds for us. then our...
  9. zagahaga

    New generation of Dodge Charger

    charger arnt nothing but the challenger are beaut i have one in red .. some how ill try to post pictures of it
  10. zagahaga

    India is using the CWG to insult itself: 8% of the English team have fallen ill

    good job india show them brits that thell become annerexic and deseased if they talk
  11. zagahaga

    Flankers/J-11B, Jack of all trades, master of none?

    i would go for cinese market but for starters no one can get j11b beacuse it is russian plane. but if i where to choose i would go chinese beaucse they got same tech and better price . russian look at how much money you got so thell squeeze out all of it and make you be left with pennies(that...
  12. zagahaga

    F-22 Raptor pilots practice simulated combat against Pakistan, UK & France Pilots

    LOL ... But if I remember they where given source codes for the SAMS that why there was no probebel kill for them
  13. zagahaga

    Imran Khan revealed: CNN documentary

    yes i would want to give paksitan to a taliban supporter to have peace with them LOL! YES THAT WHAT WE NEED RIGHT NOW WE NEED HIM to help us even more by makeing friendship with the devil
  14. zagahaga

    Iran’s Hornets Nest at Bandar Abbas

    iran sends in 100 of these with NASR cruise missel to a carrier groupe they might give some exptensive damage
  15. zagahaga

    9/11 cover-up

    bo there is a thread for this
  16. zagahaga

    Turkish General: "Even burning a mosque was an option”

    to the general of the turkish army my only response to you is GOT VEREN? HAHAHAH
  17. zagahaga

    Babri Mosque verdict and it's repurcussions

    your science it fiction and theory you belive in something that it not even right beacuse they do not have the knowledge of knowing it LOL:lol:
  18. zagahaga

    Babri Mosque verdict and it's repurcussions

    man bro leave em they do not know , here if this can make sence to you biggots then be it what animails are closet to humans ? by your great science is pigs and primates in the Quran it says we turned hazrat Nouah people into pigs and apes if you do not still get it ? then pm me and ill...

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