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    How West will punish India?

    likely nothing, The west needs India now. This again highlights how vulnerable India will be if the West turns on India.
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    Pakistan still ahead of India

    East Asian culture is pragmatic. Instead of outright conquering, Anglos were grooming Japan into an offshore balancer against Russia and China. That was the background of the British-Japan alliance. Japan also adopted the change mentally - as "脱亚入欧“.
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    Pakistan still ahead of India

    Japanese Confucian civil service exam until WW2, still has more elements of Confucian in civil exams than even China itself.
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    North Korea would pay ‘price’ if it supplies Russia with weapons, US says

    NK's trade has been 85-95% with China over the years, fairly large military industry, has well-established connections to China's supply chain. Unlike Iran, NK will not be swung by offers from the US. NK can function as a giant ammunition plant for Russia. But I guess Russia would have to make...
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    Exclusive: China's Xi likely to skip G20 summit in India

    create news out of nothing, map is the same as before, no credible source on Xi's attendance.
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    Putin will not attend G20 in India but set to visit China for Belt and Road forum

    Countries and route grantee safety: China, North Korea, Belarus,
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    After Saudi Arabia, Now Argentina is planning to not join BRICS

    Nothing burger, the far-right candidate will not win the election.
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    Saudi Arabia is having second thoughts in joining BRICS

    Nah, Saudi wants to make sure the terms and status given are appropriate. For example, whether new members would have fewer rights than older members, quite understandably that might be unacceptable. It is not an anti-west league, but rather a de-risking from dollar/euro league.
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    Man commits suicide over electricity bills

    That is almost 10 times the price of China. peak 56.8 yuancent, off peak 50% discount.
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    A great response by an Extra Ordinary Pakistani to Indian Moon mission

    It is actually true, most of the moon missions, from any country, are basically a great national advertisement, which is important in the Cold wars. Starlink has no perspective of profit, it is primarily a military project, of geopolitical importance. So does what China will come up with to...
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    Russia-Ukraine War - News and Developments PART 2

    doubt Ukraine bought so little, maybe funneled through other proxies, Poland etc.. I heard that Ukraine has been sweeping the FPV component deposit earlier than Russia, so much so Russia complained to China. You can't really control the civilian market, for example, lancet drone made of AMD...
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    Russia-Ukraine War - News and Developments PART 2

    23 July 2023 — The Uktrains authorities have arrested four Polish volunteers for allegedly raping a lizard in Zaporizhzhia region.
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    Why don't we have an Asian Union?

    Because of after colonial era and World wars, the West kind of sort out their difference up to the Russia border, aka Pax U.S.. Meanwhile setup all kinds of geopolitical traps for non-west world in order to maintain their advantages.
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    Chandrayaan 3 - a curtain raiser by ISRO

    40 days, how long this thread gonna be. lock it and unlock 40 days later, blessing for everyone.
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    POLL: Should People's Republic of China send weapons to Russia in reponse to Republic of China sending weapons to Ukraine?

    No, because it will freak out European countries. Rather trade of machinery and electronics etc. to keep up Russia's weapon manufacture. No, China don't want Russia land, it is stupid.
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    HIMARS defeat S-400 system

    It was a Ukraine S300 destroyed by Russia on the road to the village wahaha in Zaahhafdfa, Ukraine. The Ukraine child leak the photo has been executed by SBU.
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    HIMARS defeat S-400 system

    S-400 is tens of miles behind frontlines, who release these close-up photos, assume fake until more facts. Hence, no major news reports it yet, some nobody websites.
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    Is China a Bigger Threat to USA than Japan was in the 1980s?

    Japan, a threat, you gonna be kidding yourself.
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    China surpasses US in popularity among Arab youth as Beijing expands Middle East footprint

    Youth are naive and prone to popular media influence, Russian youth is still somewhat naive, but elder Russians are hardened. As for these public surveys, they very much depend on methodology, not very meaningful anyway. I bet they keep the real survey a secret.

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