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    Ousted Prime Minister Imran Khan Arrested: News and Discussion

    It's paid in advance 3-4 months before.
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    Earthquake in Islamabad

    It's a lesson now to run when google gives an alert. Same thing happened to me today
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    Poll: General Bajwa's Future

    A permanent vacation to his newly bought island while getting a free pass by the chad he'll appoint
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    ARY Digitial Youtube Channel hacked

    Looks like an inside job
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    Sidhu Moosewala shot dead, aged 28.

    Only because he was a Congress leader,rip to those who call India a democracy
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    PTI Azaadi March 2022: Updates and Discussion

    Sahi kehra hai shezaday khush reh
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    iranian youth marries 90 old british woman billionaire

    Old home should be a good start 👍

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