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    Suicide bomb blast reported at 1-10 area of Islamabad at around 10:45 am

    Pakistan is controlled by army chief which is the main problem of pakistan.
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    India forcing Kashmiri Pandits to migrate to pave way for Muslims’ genocide

    First thing pandits moving out of valley was the plan of indian govt. Every indian is talking bakwaas here. As kashmiri we do not want to live with india. First indian agencies are killing their own people in kashmir then putting blame on kashmiri freedom fighters. Every kashmiri pandit will be...
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    Agencies expose K-P’s ‘toothless’ reality

    It is not the mistake of politicians, it is the mistake of common people who gave votes to corrupt people since 1947. Pakistanio khuda kay liye sadkoon par aajao nhi to tumhari aane waali nasl bheek maangay gi. Military rule khatam karo pakistan main tabhi kuch ho sakta hai.
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    Pakistan: CTD arrests 7 militants in Punjab province

    1)Pakistan is controlled by army chief. If any country wants to do anything illegal in pakistan they simply corrupt the army chief. Pakistani people should stand against this so that democracy could be restored. 2) Pakistan people lack education and common sense due to which they give vote to...
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    Pakistan: CTD arrests 7 militants in Punjab province

    The main problem with pakistan is their education system which is not upto the standard hence pakistani people do not have common sense. When imported govt. got power pakistani public should have hit streets but they didnt did anything. Also pakistan is run by army chief and this makes easy for...

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