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  • We had very few ladies on this site, the ones we had/have are one of the kinds, witty, briliant-- tbh really it needs some thing special from the usual ladies stuff-- to take interest in defence or geopolitical/national issues.
    and I am sure webby welcomed you in that sense that you are not an average gharelo kuri :D and your being here in this defence forum is self explanatory.
    lol.. i am sure there are, but some times i think i am the lonely joker here j/k

    Lol.. The rare happenings on defence.pk are acknowledged by all members, your intro thread says it all and The Boss is always on a look out for new valuable members, specially if its a female member, he too comes and welcomes them :D
    Well Thanks for laughing, Good to see some one who understands my pun :D
    you are a good addition to the forum.. Webby said it :D
    thnx.. i try to be funny and imposing at the same time :D and usually the fun part takes over.. that i know :D ..lol.. cant say about the imposing part, only the victims can tell :P
    Oh and college is about to start, i'll see if i can post info on a couple of places worth visiting once i get back.
    Well, in my case -whenever they let us off college, i like going on long trips to nowhere. Yep, thats pretty amazing.
    Thats awesome, yeah there are a couple of places that are really great. But that depends on what you are interested in....you know ,like culture....or umm adventure?...or ayurveda......etc etc. Also, you cant get the most out of it if you dont speak the language. Oh and be on the lookout for scammers....and no bombs pl0x ^^
    By the way......purpose of visit?
    I know right......apparantly i got a warning. Hate how its so prejudiced in here. One nut was going on about slaughtering all indians i get a warning and he goes free.
    No offense my friend. Enjoyed talking to you too. I don't especially like talking about religion, too controversial, ruffles too many feathers, pointless. Wont contribute any further to this thread about the psycho preacher.
    Funny thing is, it was 4 am when i posted the last message. Tried running head first on a wall to fall asleep......didnt work......so i figured i might as well troll a bit on pdf :P .
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