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  • your welcome,

    regarding apologies, it happens to all of us, but to avoid it or decrease its frequency, one should always give a thought to what he/she is posting, and also consider what kind of responses it is going to create. anyways good luck.


    Yes brother, we will be getting J-10 B and not J-10 A. J-10B is far more advanced then the J-10A.

    My dear, all i can confirm at this moment is that a Turkish company has been awarded the contract to upgrade PAF's F-16s. At least some aircraft call sign, Zesty 1 and 2 were upgraded in US before delivery to PAF. REGARDS.
    even if he comes back with a new ID, untill his IP address remains the same, we block the new ID too, and also such guys can't stay for longer with an attitude which you told about his msg on which you got angered. Anyway you are back here and he isn't,that tells alot also. Have a good time, AH
    well thats the hindu godess Kaali which depicts the power. After killing all the demons. She was still in anger and because of it whole world was at stake so lord shiva laid down near her feets. As she stepped forwards her feet fall on the chest of Shiva who was eventually her husband also so her tongue came out of mouth
    yea brother, its easy, first of all u have to select the section, following are the sections being used in PDF;

    Members Introduction (1 Viewing)
    Military Aviation (30 Viewing)
    Land Forces (17 Viewing)
    Naval Forces (10 Viewing)
    WMD & Missiles (5 Viewing)
    Military History (6 Viewing)
    General Defence (11 Viewing)
    Weapons Club (9 Viewing)
    The Military Defence
    Military Photos & Multimedia (24 Viewing)
    Pakistan Affairs
    Pakistan's War (39 Viewing)
    Strategic & Geopolitical Issues (20 Viewing)
    National Political Issues (15 Viewing)
    Current Events & Social Issues (18 Viewing)
    World Affairs (20 Viewing)
    Military Forum (18 Viewing)
    U.S. Foreign Affairs (2 Viewing)
    Bangladesh Defence (3 Viewing)
    India Defence (54 Viewing)
    China Defence (11 Viewing)
    Members Club (19 Viewing)
    Economy & Development (20 Viewing)
    General Images & Multimedia (57 Viewing)

    choose the section and click on it, a list of threads already started in that section would appear, now scroll down to the end of the list, there u'd see a button "New Thread" click on it, then a couple of text boxes will appear, first for the title of the thread and the other for the introductory note by you, mentioning the purpose of starting the thread, when u r done writing, click on the "Submit New Thread" button and ur thread will appear in the section which u selected earlier.

    Thats how its done brother, hope it helps u creating your own thread, BEST OF LUCK...
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