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  • Nope

    it starts with P and he loves Rugby

    haha there's more than 1 german guy in Canada man lol
    The verse immediately before that said, " Fight in the cause of God those who fight you, but do not transgress limits; for God loves not transgressors.". Quranic verses were revealed to Muhammad(pbuh) throughout his life in stages as he encountered new tests and tribulations. If you knew same basic Quranic history or even if you've read the verse in its entirety you'd know this verse was revealed at time when the early Muslims in Medina faced nothing short of a genocide from the Meccans. Anyway I don't like explaining Islam to idiots like you that don't know anything, but just spew the crap they read from Jihadwatch.

    Keep what out of the arguments? lmao this forum is not for converting people, i think you came to the wrong place.
    i just find it annoying as **** that stupid europeans like you actually think muslims give a crap who is an "believer" or not, that they flout they are "infidels". this stupidity and ignorance is beyond me.
    what kind of stupid as name is "unbeliever". this forum is not for "believers" do you think we give a crap if you a muslim or not? stupid redneck nazi
    HI. Yes o agree but as you can see there are some people full of propaganda and hatred. did you say to the mods?
    search for susan on deviantart ;D.

    I was about 3 years old when he died i only got to know about him in 2005 and i had no idea that he had died until well 2008 that was major shock for me.

    But eh his words lives on i love that guy. His words had much more wisdon then any so called "phrophets".
    Thanks 4 ur good advice. I'm presently on wait and watch mode. Anyway, IMHO, things here would not get as ugly as Iraq as the case is a lot different here. Here one side is completely dominated by the other and the opressed side does not and will not get any arm/ finance support from across the border, contrary to popular beliefs. At bese, these non-violent protest may continue from time to time coupled with some sporadic small violent attacks here and there. However, Bahrain won't be the same place to live anymore. Believe me, prior to all these, it was one of the best places to live in the world. You get everything under the sun, good infrustructure, very friendly localites and cost of living cheaper compared to other places.
    Thanks for your concern mate. I'm planning to send mt family back to India at the earliest oportunity. Things are a little rough here. But I won't be posting on that as I'm inside Bahrain and my posts might just be traced back. Thanks again.
    Hi, things are pretty calm here in Bahrain.. Some areas are partly disfunctional though. Me and my family are here and my childrens are going to school. so.. so far so good.
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