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  • great..:-).Well is it true that in dubai life is more conservation and restricted than india??

    BTW i m in delhi from last 6-7 yrs...:-)
    Sorry dude did't see your messege today i hope you will try to understnd and will not mind:-)
    hahaha yahhh..... you are saying right we are being too formal hahha.
    Pune wow nice city yaar...... specially the osim whether...
    so how is life going in dubai..??
    is it much diffrent then india??
    well my name is Vivek i m doing many think simultaneously Studing as well as doing job in S/W development company...what about you dude??:-)
    I am not a racist. You have been mistaken. You joined a few says ago, but I had joined the forum years ago.
    ok brother if you are still saying this then perhaps you were right and i was wrong.so i deleted my both the posts i wrote in 1 hrs. and just leaving this reason.
    "later realise it was littlebit offencive towards my brother":-)

    nice to know yaar that your motive was not that now i m feeling very proud to know.i have read most of your post and that were very broad-minded so i appritiate that but in your last post i did't think the same way so i just respond.now i know it was just mis-understanding.i hope you will forgive me.:-)
    ya thats what i meant, the good guys stay out of such useless threads. So must you, ignore and move on, there is so much more to discuss in the world. NP bro, anytime.
    I know brother how you feel, i think the thread you are talking about is the one from that RiazHaq guy who have reported many times for breaking multiple forum rules. It’s up to the management now to do what they want; questioning their decisions will only lead to useless confrontations. Bro my advise to you is to overlook such threads and not think about them that much. As you mentioned many Indian members were banned, so the moral of the story is to not reply. We come from the land of the great Mahatma Gandhi, and as per him not reacting is the best way. The thread will die down if Indian members do not post on it. Do you really think arguing and talking back will change their opinion? If someone is dum enough to post such as article or start a thread about India is such a negative light then there is nothing one can do to change his or her point of view. Arguing with them will only drop you to their level and invite a ban. There are some really nice guys on this forum from whom you can learn a lot about defense and life, but yes just as in the world there are also troublesome member’s whom it is better to stay away from. One must understand no matter how much you bash India anywhere, we will still continue on our path to success and glory. You’re a nice level headed guy, so be careful and don’t let emotions overpower you. India remains great no matter what anyone says and we both know that. Brother you can always message me anytime, I will never mind that. All Indian’s are brothers on this forum.
    lol ya good news he is gone. I had to report him for the way he was talking. I hope i answered all your questions, let me know if you need more info. Cheers
    ok same to you buddy...am working on a Russian company.i visited Dubai on last December...so bye tc
    hello dude am anooj from kerala done my b.tech biotechnolgy now working as a green fuel consultant..i only liked his developmental policies which raised germany from a debt ridden country to a global military power...but i hate his acts against jews,aryan supremacy theory and alot of other things....moreover i liked his struggles to reach the heights which always inspirational to me....r u working there at dubai
    Do not attack members next time in your posts, you don't have that right. If you have any problem with a post, report it, and if any problem from a member who abuses you or post offensive remarks, either report the post or you can send the link to that post to me or any senior mod or management guy.

    Personal attacks are not acceptable, you are new so giving you a warning.
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