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  • Hi Mate!! Long time no see!!

    I started a thread looking for an answer. But the thread seem to be dying. What do you suggest?
    This is your last warning, next time don't get personal and use idiotic language with other members, if you have a problem with anyone, report it. Indulging in same manner, will get you also out of the form and the other person also.
    I really feel that I need to improve as there are people like AgnosticMuslim who are outstanding at expressing their ideas and their are numerous other friends of mine who just steal the show when they start speaking in a gathering.

    Nonetheless, Thank you.
    hi man..welcome back..both of us got suspended due to those 50 cents party..loll.anyways welcome back.
    Look - everything he posts he backs up with links. You can argue the veracity of the links/facts he uses with your own arguments, but there is nothing he is doing that suggests a ban. The problem IMO is that Indians are too touchy about perceived 'negative' issues related to India such as aid etc. whereas Pakistanis have for the most part come to terms with it. So if he is correct just admit it and talk about whether it should continue or not and what is being done to change it - and if he is incorrect then refute it with the links and facts of your own.
    Hi, the "scorched Earth" policy was Stalin ;) Otherwise I agree with your post in the "pakistanis admire hitler" thread. Well said.
    Yaar bhai you as civil engg should know that "Soviet era buildings" is a term usually used in urban language to refer to old and nausetic buildings.
    y dont u open your eyes before calling someone a troll? All the pics before I posted, are of old buildings and there's nothin modern about them.
    lolz.izz ok man..dont mind those guys..i read their posts..full of crap
    no no dont worry about it, nothing big. Keep an eye on that RiazHaq guy and his stupid thread.
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